A New Class In Denver...

A new class of 13 students have started their preparation to preach the gospel. Monday morning classes officially start and, as I say often, this is a wonderful group of men. These men have come from nearly one coast to the other. They come from the North and South. Some come with families and others are single. We have young and old who are here to better their understanding of God’s word and how they can better serve in His kingdom.

I would never try to place one class of students above any other as far as ability or effectiveness. It is a blessing to see their willingness to present themselves as a tool in the hands of the Almighty God who will take their unique abilities and use them to His glory. I love seeing how God will develop their lives and mold them into the instrument He needs them to be and send them forth to places that will change lives eternally.

I am always encouraged by the growth of the men who come through the program and I love hearing about the work they do once they enter into the ministry. It is also exciting to see the interest grow in the Extension program. Few students coming into the program are aware of the magnitude of the work so many wonderful brethren are involved in around the world. I pray they will grow to have some level of involvement in the development of the work overall.

The reports from various locations indicate there are also classes beginning in several schools. With the beginning of classes, more students are preparing for the spiritual battle for the souls who are lost in a world of darkness. I ask you to be praying with me for all these men, their preparation, and the work they are entering into for the Lord.

I do have an important request. We are desperately needing to raise $2,180 for the work in Chandigarh, India. The North India Bible College has been struggling for years to have the needed support. The struggle became even more complicated as the cost for housing the school has increased by nearly $200 a month. If you can help toward this need, please contact me at bturner@bvbid.org or call me at 303-986-5800. Thank you for your consideration.

Now on to the other reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is /extension-schools/

Gary Fallis’ report shares news from the past month. To see the full report, click here.

Howell Ferguson’s latest report brings news of changes for his ministry. Read more by clicking here.

Josh Austin is also going to be making changes in his ministry work. Read more from his report by clicking here.

Extension Reports 

A New Class Of Students At BVBIU: As classes begin in Gorlovka, Ukraine, a new class of students are preparing themselves for ministry in the Lord’s kingdom.

The Church Grows In Cambodia: Congregations started by Christians in and around the city of Siem Reap are growing spiritually and numerically.

A Great Way To End The Report: As the Gee family was writing the last paragraph of the report, a call came in about someone wanting to be baptized. Read to find out who! 

Final Thoughts
As you can see, the work continues to be exciting and encouraging. It is so humbling to consider the work being done by so many around the world. The conditions they endure and their willingness to serve tirelessly is an example to us all. They are able to do their work because of the encouragement, prayers and financial support of so many of you. Thank you for your involvement in the work of training men to preach; in Denver and the Extension Program. We need you.

God bless

Posted on August 5, 2012 .