Short Courses Begin In Uganda...

July 2 report
Dear brethren,

It has been a good Sunday. We woke up and prepared to go to Nandwa church of Christ for today’s service. When I went to the truck of mine, it could not start. I tried all that I could, but it could not start. We later discovered that the terminals were loose. We tried to tighten them, but it could not. We decided to go Bukaliha church which is 15 kilometers from Busia toward the school side on a motor cycle. When we reached there the preacher who usually comes with the Lords table elements did not show up. We waited until we decided to come back home and just held worship at home as we usually have the Lord’s supper elements at home. 

Paul, Ema, Edith and children, went  to Namungodi church which is 10 kilometers from Busia towards Kampala. They were informed that there are people who want to take the land from the brother who allowed us to worship on his land. This problem have been going on, but now the case is in court. We need your prayers so that all can go on well. 

Susan, Paul’s wife, went to Jinja to live with his brother who is near Jinja Hospital. She is  expecting to give birth at any time. The expected date was the 26th of June. Up to now she hasn’t  delivered. Please remember her in your prayers. 

Brother Oloo Daniel, a graduate of Uganda School of Evangelism, reported that about ten churches in his area are planning a big campaign for Christ in July. The old grass and mud church building of Junge congregation which is about 5 kilometers from Nandwa congregation has fallen down on one side. They are planning to make bricks for the new building, but they will need some financial help to purchase cement and iron sheets. These brethren are trying to do what they can but they would appreciate it if they can be helped with money for cement and forty iron sheets. We wish you well as you serve Him.

July 9 report

We thank each one of you for the support you are giving to us here in Uganda. The short course teachers are here. We thank God for the save trip He has given them. They have arrived in Busia this morning and straight away went to church. We went with them at Nandwa congregation. 

Brother Donnie taught during the Bible Class while brother Meadows preached during the service. We were very much built up from their lessons. We are very thankful to those who made it possible for them to come to teach our students. Brother Meadows will be teaching Christian Evidences to the Kiswahili class and Donnie will be teaching the book of Acts to the English class. 

Brother Donnie's luggage did not make it with him. He willing waiting for them. The airport people said that they will be sending them to him at his hotel in Busia according to what he was told. This will make a delay in handing the students their  handouts. Pray that his luggage makes it because he also brought some Bibles for our students. They are going to be with us for two weeks. We need your prayer. God bless you all.

Francis, Margaret, Paul, Edith Susan

Posted on July 8, 2012 .