Wealth Of Great News In Cambodia...

Two reports from Cambodia are below. The first is from Phanat.

Dear Brethren, 

What a joy it is to report about the work of Christ here in Cambodia. Once again, I thank you for your steadfastness in your support and prayers. The church here and my family really appreciate all that you do for us. I am honored to be able to say that we added 3 new souls to the church in Siem Reap and 4 other souls in Leang Dai for the month of July! 

Sokchea is doing a wonderful job in the village of Leang Dai and have been very active in helping the poor villagers there see God. The 3 new souls in Siem Reap excites me because these individuals have studied a long period of time before submitting their lives to Christ. One of them studied and wrestled for almost 2 years before she decided to be baptized for the remission of her sins. This shows me that we are truly converting souls to the Lord and not just baptizing for the sake of baptizing. 

In other news, the school will be graduating 8 students in the month of August. All 8 graduates have places to go and tell others of God. We ask that you keep the work and the graduates in your prayer as they serve God faithfully!

Tuk, one of our first year student who after 7 months of studying the Bible, came to the knowledge of the truth on his own and made the right decision to be baptized for the remission of his sins.

Srey Ney, studied for almost two years with Chouey, one of our staff, and decided it was time to forsake all others and follow after Christ!


To see the report with pictures of the baptisms, click here.

Chann’s report is below

Dear beloved brethren,

When I write this letter, it makes me feel that I have a great privilege to know you, and more than that I can call you as my brother and sister. That makes me feel as we are in one family that our Lord Jesus Christ made this possible thing for us.

I have some news want to share with you all about the work that we are doing in Siem Reap, Cambodia as following.

We have four congregations that we've been establishing. The first one is the church in Siem Reap (Siem Reap Church Of Christ). The second one is the Leang Dai Church Of Christ. The third one is the Takam Church Of Christ and the fourth one is the Svay Rieng Church Of Christ.  

The Siem Reap Church
For the Siem Reap Church Of Christ I, myself (Kimchann Lork), preach for this

congregation. I am very happy to see some growth among our brethren in our church. In my purpose about the work in Siem Reap we will build up our faith among us so that we can reach out to other people through our good example. As you all may know, most of us are young people so we need to take time in order for us to grow in the faith and share with others. 

Mt. 5:13-15, I Timothy 4:11-16.

We are now doing our evangelism in some villages around the church, both at Takam and Leang Dai, so our students will get some idea before we evangelize in the city. Also now we are trying to reach out to one more area call Tek Klieng, where we plan to have another congregation near in the future that two our students plan to preach there. 

Takam Church
Recently, the church at Takam obtained a property; the building for the church to meet, bathroom, well, baptistry and the pond. All of these will help the church be stable at first, we hope. Now the church that meet there is between 20 to 35 people. Cheouy and Vanra work for the church there right now. 

Lean Dai Church
The work in Leang Dai is doing well, as yesterday Sokchea and Ravy baptized four more people after they studied with those people for a couple of months.

Sokchea asked us to bring our students over to help evangelize over the weekend at another village called Trapang Svay, and we have been studying with them for a month and half already. We ask you to pray for this village so that they will obey the gospel very soon.  

Svay Rieng Church
This congregation has preaching by our two brothers, Saran and Sophal. There is also one more sister Ussa that is now married to Saran and they a son.

The work there is doing all right, and the church that meets there have from 8-10. I just called a preacher there to see how they are because they are a way from us and he said they are doing okay. 

All in all this is brief news. I am looking to write you more later. Thanks for your love and kindness, that support for the work in Cambodia. 

God bless you all and we love you.

Posted on July 30, 2012 .