Return From Nigeria...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from the staff, students and members of the Wotutu congregation. We pray God will bless you all as you read this report. I am sorry that last week I was unable to get the report to you all because I was in Nigeria and there was no access to the internet for me.

Sister Prudence Orume benefited from that and obeyed the gospel in Wotutu. Keep her in your prayers so that she will grow to make others come to the Lord. She is the 4th convert in their family as of now.

My stay in Nigeria was great as I had time to rest and also to share the gospel with some people around the area of the Kado church of Christ in Abuja. The Lord blessed my trip as I made it home safe and sound to continue from where I stopped before traveling.

The work of CBIW and the Wotutu congregation continues smoothly. The morning radio program keeps cutting across the communities as many are still eager to know the truth as they call to ask questions concerning their denominational belief. Some will call to call us different kinds of names but many are appreciative to what the BACK TO THE BIBLE PROGRAM is doing in Wotutu and 6 other different villages. The Prince of Wotutu village came to me personally to appreciate the church of Christ for all their prayers and teaching to the community. We plan to visit him soon to sympathize with him for the passing away of his father last year. That will be an ample opportunity for us to share the gospel face to face with the royal family. Keep that in your prayers.

Join me to praise God for the safe arrival of 10 students who went out to 10 different villages to preach and teach. They came back with wonderful news of growth and a new congregation has been established in Mbanga village. This is the place we drove past in the village last month. We saw two young boys who came close to our car and said we are members of the church of Christ but we don’t worship here as we are spending our vacation with our senior brother because the church is not there. I gave them my number to give to their brother, that was all. Today a new congregation is born there over this weekend as the Lord added 2 souls and 5 prospects came to worship with the New Testament for their first time. They expressed satisfaction about what they heard, but the brother faced problems with the landlord because he allowed the church to worship in his corridor. Please keep this work in your prayers as we plan to go again next weekend. This brings a total of 3 new congregations already this year, 2012. Many more appeals are coming to my office for our students to come over to congregations and help. Oh, oh the harvest is plenty but the laborers are few. Please come and stand with us, so that the prayer for more laborers will be accomplished soon.

I was able to stand at the church sign board in Kado Abuja ,Nigeria. I worshipped there last Sunday. It was sound and I met people who share just what I believe. The congregation has 5 elders and 10 deacons, and they gave me the opportunity to teach during their zonal prayers meeting. Keep them in your prayers.

The worship hall was packed with people who came to worship. It was a wonderful worship service as 500 members were in attendance. The Lord added 3 souls into His body that same day.

You may be surprised, but I was able to have my picture taken with some security guards before worship. The government of Nigeria is cautious with the level of insecurity. This is why they will send police and other security agents to take guard over the church as people worship because of the threat of Boko Haram who always strike during Christian worship. Thanks for your prayers. I came back home safe.

House to house evangelism continued in Wotutu and everywhere we send our students to go because our passion is to continue to rob from the strong man’s house.

1) We shall organize the next intake entrance exams this weekend in Wotutu to start selecting freshmen for CBIW. Keep us in your prayers that God will help us select those He has already selected that He will use for His services.

2) More plans are getting on now for us to move to Batoke village to establish a new congregation. Please keep our plans in your prayers.

We praise God for using us to do His will for the world in our communities. We also praise you and your family for all your prayers and the support to see that things are going the way they are going for His glory. Thank you for availing yourself for God to use you to accomplish all that is happening in CBIW and Cameroon as a whole.

Do your best to share this with others who may love to come and be part of this. God bless you as you continue to do more for the glory of God.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director CBIW

Posted on July 22, 2012 .