Graduation Is A Week Away...

I wanted to send you a quick report regarding Cambodia before I take my trip there next week. After my visit, I will be sending a more full report and am anxious to get back with you and all the news.

The IBISR (International Bible Institute at Siem Reap) is graduating 7 young men and women this month. The men will continue on to preach and teach the word. The women will also continue in evangelizing and teaching women and children the word of God. Each graduating student has now been studying in school for an average of 6 hours per day, 5 days a week (not including homework, tests and field work) for the 2 years. The students also have been evangelizing and teaching almost every Saturday. They travel long distances to bring the word to those of their native country who have never heard about Jesus, God or even the Bible. They have spent countless Saturdays encouraging the brethren in the small villages around by visiting, working in the rice fields, aiding in medical needs or transportation to larger towns for various reasons.

Two of the young men will be living on a boat on Ton Le Sap Lake and making it their home and church building. They will travel up and down the lake while evangelizing mostly to the poorest of the poor who need Christ. These are largely Vietnamese refugees that have no where to go and live in extreme poverty, even by Cambodian standards. 

Three of the men were originally from the village of Takam where the church is bursting with growth. They wish to continue preaching and teaching in and around their home village and continue the great works that are already established while expanding into nearby areas. These young men show leadership skills that have me excited about the church’s future in that part of the country.

We have added more to the Lords church, but I hope to have a more accurate account after my visit.

We also have 8 new students confirmed for the new school year that begins in September. Please remember all of these young men and women as they often are giving up much in the way of families and friends to follow Jesus.

In short you can be proud of your young brothers and sisters in Christ that are graduating in 2012. They love the Lord and express that love to their native countrymen with zeal and sound doctrine.

Please pray for me as I am making my first trip alone. I am very grateful to you for your vision and faith in the work being done there. May the Lord bless you for all the good that you do for His kingdom.

Peace in Christ, 

Wes Autrey
Cambodia Coordinator

Posted on July 22, 2012 .