A Double Dose From Cambodia...

Greetings coworkers of Christ! As always, it is a joy to bring glad tidings to those who have an interest in the His work in Cambodia. We have some wonderful news concerning His kingdom in the land of Cambodia in that another subject has been added under His reign! Peun, our school's cook and dear sister in Christ, wept with joy when she finally convinced her husband to become a Christian. She's had to endure so much the past few years since she's become a Christian herself, but can now relax a little and have a peace of mind that her husband supports who she is as a faithful, God fearing wife. She has lived out 1 Peter 3:1-2 and is a wonderful example to us all. 

On the flip side, this is why we encourage marriages between Christians so that they can avoid such obstacles and hardships. That is why I am so encouraged to see the staff of IBISR marrying Christian brides. Our new brother in Christ's name is Vannak. He has committed to enrolling in IBISR in the fall for our new batch of students. He will be the oldest we have thus far. I thank God for always providing for us in so many ways. We pray that He will give the increase to our new brother as he goes through the school here. 

We have 8 confirmed for the new school year that begins in September. Please continue to pray for God to send forth more laborers. Thank you for your support and love!


To see the report with a picture of Vannak’s baptism, click here.

Report from Chann Lork

Dear all brethren,

I would love to take a moment to write you all about what's going on here in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The work of the church is growing through our evangelism to various places, especially to the villages around as the people in the city very busy to work.

Currently the church meeting in Siem Reap has from 40 to 50 people every Lord's day. Last night, we had a good fellowship meal with our brethren here that will help us grow and stay close to each other in love and peace and faith to our God.

And, we just had a new baptism recently for our new brother in Christ named Vannak, which is the husband of the cook for the International Bible Institute of Siem Reap. The cook is really happy to see her husband baptized for the remission of his sin as he used to be a gambler and destroyed lots of money in his family as I heard.

Now, instead of going to evangelize at Battambang, I brought our students to go visit the church at Leang Dai and Takam to encourage some members that are not faithful as well as teach and invite the people who live around to come to the church at it's area.

The result is we had many people come to worship and study the Bible with the local preacher in both areas, Leang Dai and Takam.

We just got a setup to a new village called Tropeang Svay, that is a way from Leang Dai Church of Christ by about 3 kilometers. We are going to teach them every Saturday as they are not a Christians yet. Please pray for the people in this village so that the word of God will work in their hearts through our preaching and teaching to them. 

The church in Svay Reing
The work there is doing well as we have brother Saran and his wife, Ussa, and Sophal working in that area trying to spread the gospel to their villagers around.

Sophal, one the preachers working in Svay Reing, just recently married one of our second year students, a girl named Kosal, and they are looking to start a new congregation in Kosal's home town at Mong Reusey. Please keep them in your prayers. 

All in all, we are doing fine. Please continue to pray for us as we are struggling to grow even though we are young in the physical, but we want to be mature in spiritual manner as the very word of God teaching us.

We love you all and we urge you to continue to pray for us, as we also keep you all in our prayer as well. Thanks for your support for the work in my country. Without your support we would really have a hard time. 

God bless you and we love you. 

Posted on June 17, 2012 .