Classes, Graduation, and Recruiting in Ghana...

Brethren, I bring you (shalom) greetings from Israel. The trip deepened my confidence in the Word of God. What a privilege it was to set my feet along some of the paths my Master trod when He lived on earth! I am grateful to the Bomso church in Kumasi who gave me the package and brother John Essel of Accra who paid for Ruth to accompany me on the trip. We took some pictures which I am going to put together with some thoughts and notes. I got back last (Saturday) night very exhausted from all the walking we did in the eight days in Israel and the long return flight. I sure am glad I got this opportunity.

At school we are currently doing short courses on … (1) 1 Corinthians - Juniors (Matthew Ackah, Instructor) (2) Prison Epistles - Juniors (Charles Mensah , Instructor) (3) Biblical Interpretations 2 - Seniors (Matthew Ackah, Instructor) and (4) Hebrews - Seniors (Charles Mensah, Instructor).

Ahead of us before the quarter’s work is out will be the final classes of the Master’s program to be taught by the Bear Valley President, scheduled for May 28 - June 8, 2012. We are hoping to graduate our first master’s students come November 10, 2012. Those in the bachelor’s program will have their final classes, August 3 - 24. Thus, along with the master’s, there will also graduate some certificate and bachelor’s students. Our next graduation day will be a great milestone in the history of the school - the first time to award bachelors and master’s degrees.

On recruitment, we have 12 prospective students to date. We are going to use the break between this and the next quarter of school to visit churches and find some more. In the month of July, we shall test, interview and select a target number of 14 for the 2012/2013 academic year.

Joshua Aidoo, one of the instructors at West Coast, led a team of ten men to Cape Coast in the Central Region for a 6-day evangelism effort, April 16-21, 2012. They preached at dawn and in the evenings, and used the mornings and mid-afternoons for personal evangelism. Some twelve precious souls were baptized. Interestingly, a Moslem, who was the youth organizer of the Islamic community in the Central Region, lodged them in his newly completed house. He was interested in the message they proclaimed but would not be converted because of the position he held in the Moslem religion.

The rains have started and have already done much more damage to our access road to the school. A very frightening storm passed through the campus tearing off tree branches felling a couple of tress, but no damage was done to our buildings; we are thankful.

Thank you and bye for now.


Posted on May 27, 2012 .