Campaign Time Has Arrived...

Greetings Fellow Servants:

It is our prayer that this Short Report finds you all on the bright side of life, blessed beyond measure. What a joy it is to serve the living God. We thank Him for your prayers and all you mean to His Kingdom.

Campaign time is here! Jimmy Gee’s sister, brother-in-law, nephew and others have been working with the Kisongo congregation this past week around the ACSOP. Three souls are the result in the first week alone. Today they also began a week long Marriage Seminar. 

Yesterday, Stephanie, Anita, Jane Massawe, Neema Martin, and Paulina Elibiriki participated in a Ladies Day at Mto wa Mbu. With 56 Christian Ladies present, to say it was a grand day would be the understatement of the month. Among the ladies gathered, about 15 were Maasai women from one of the new church plants from Mto Wa Mbu. They sang some songs in their language. The topic for the day was ”What will your Legacy be?” They studied together the legacies of Eve, Athalia, Hannah and Mary. The men prepared their chai and mandazi’s (a local donut) along with a lunch of beans and rice and oranges. They had a great day together singing, praying and studying the Word of God. 

Next week we will welcome our co-workers from the Second and Adams congregation (Elk City, OK), Penny Cabler, Gary, Hannah, Rachael Box, Forrest, Teresa Rachels, and Caitlin Middleton. The primary work at the end of the month will be at Maji ya Chai. 

During this same time frame, there will be a campaign at Babati. This campaign has been planned and will be executed by sister congregations around the Arusha/Babati/Mto wa Mbu areas.

The second week of June we will host our brothers and sisters from the Hoover congregation (Hoover, AL). During this week we will take part in campaign work at Arusha, Njiro, Kioga, and Kwa Mrombo. 

Our pre-campaign efforts are well underway. Over the next four weeks, our hope and our goal is to distribute thousands of Bible tracts, sign up hundreds of Bible Correspondence Courses, conduct many one-on-one Bible Studies, and put into the hands of 1,000 souls, the Word of God via Bibles. 

We lack only the following; God grace, mercy and peace and your prayers! May the next few weeks glorify God and may the activities bring the saving message of God’s Word to many lost souls. We close thanking you all for your part in God’s work here in Tanzania. 

In Him, 
Cy, Stephanie and Granny

Posted on May 20, 2012 .