Denominational Deaconess Becomes A Christian...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from the staff, students and members of the Wotutu congregation. It is our joy to share with you what is happening here in Cameroon. God is still working in us as we carry the gospel to the hearts of many who are eager to listen and, at times, difficult for them to make decisions because of their denominational beliefs. We appreciate you for standing by us and helping us to spread the good news here in Cameroon.

The echoes of our morning preaching through the PA system keep touching the lives of many. Many will call to ask questions or call us to come and study with them in their homes. Sister Linda met with one of our student’s wives who lives off campus to kindly call the husband to come and share the gospel with her. She claimed to be a deaconess in a denomination in Wotutu. When she saw the truth, she obeyed the truth. Keep her in your prayers to grow in the knowledge of the truth so that through her many will come to know Christ and will make Him known to others.

The week was great as we had all our classes without any problems, except for the fact that the student’s dormitory was without water as the entire community needs to pay an annual levy. We had no budget for it but we are struggling to see how we can get it paid soon.

I went to another village to nurture and evangelize the gospel, a far away village. It was a difficult trip but we praise God that many listened to the saving message and many were encouraged to remain faithful. Keep the work of the Church of Christ in Koba in your prayers. A brother developed much interest in coming to CBIW so as to be trained. The interest and demand to be trained is coming to my office daily but we need just a few to be trained because of the available facility.

One of our students, brother Ngoe Nelson, preached house to house. Many are eager to listen and admire the truth, but it is difficult to make a decision. We shall continue to plant and water and God will give a great increase in His due time.

I preached this morning in Wotutu. We are still encouraging our Christians on WHY AM I A MEMBER OF THE CHURCH OF CHRIST. It is nurturing our Christians and at the same time we are exposing the importance of being in the church of Christ through our powerful PA system, as we broadcast our services live with passion through any FM or AM media. Glory to God for those who believed in us and provided this instrument to us. God will richly bless them.

The children in our congregation received their lesson outside the hall today because we don’t have space for them in the hall. Please pray for this, because when the rain fully comes I don’t know what we will do with our children.

As we carry the gospel to the hearts of many, many turn to remain behind because of their cultures which they think the gospel will destroy it. One young nursing mother is bound to dress a certain way for one year after delivery, as their cultures stipulate. The power of the gospel can help this young girl know that in Christ there is freedom from sin and other satanic spheres. Please keep the work here in your prayers.


1) Some students will go to Nyandong village this weekend for the funeral of a brother where the young congregation worshipped all this while since the establishment in his house. The church is located in the heart of Catholicism there so we shall use this opportunity to expose the pure gospel to the community.

2) We are still planning to fully establish a new congregation in Batoke and other villages around.

3) Please, I am still praying and trusting God for providence for my trip to Zambia in August for the conference ( Please it is a rich program for the church here in Africa. Being part of it will be of great help to my ministry. Please help me be part of it financially.

Keep us in your prayers and pray for all our endeavors here. We appreciate God for using you to be part of the accomplishments in His vineyard here in Cameroon.

Do your best to share this report with others who may love to be part of this soul saving team. God bless you and watch over all you do.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director CBIW

Posted on May 13, 2012 .