New Students Arrive In Uganda...

Dear brethren,

We are doing fine here in Uganda. The school now has new students. In the Kiswahili class we have 12 students already including Samuel who is remaining with only with one quarter. We are still hoping to get another student from Burundi in the Kiswahili class. 

The six from Congo have arrived and they are doing well in class. In English class we have ten in number, with two more likely to come next week. They came for interview but have not reported. This quarter Samson Omutele from Nairobi is not teaching. He is attending to some church needs in Nairobi. He might be with us next quarter. 

We now have Peter Ambaka from Lumakanda church of Christ in Western Kenya. He is a graduate of Botswana School of  Biblical Studies. He is teaching the book of John in both English and Kiswahili classes. We have also Raymond Mwero from Maliba church of Christ in Kasese Western Uganda. He is teaching Research, and Homiletics in both Kiswahili and English classes. Brother Ouma Christopher is teaching Genesis and Exodus also in both classes. I am teaching Old and New Testament Survey. 

I am also planning to go to Nairobi to check on the prices of  the solar system for our school. A friend has told me that the prices in Nairobi were better than in Kampala. The rain is raining  well here in Busia. We have started working in our school garden. Paul started his agriculture class last Friday. In the morning students go in agriculture class and later go in the field for practicals. We need your prayers. May the Lord God bless you as you serve Him. 

Francis Wechesa

Posted on April 29, 2012 .