Giving A Little Something Back...

Dear Supporters, Family and Friends,

Quote of the Week: "Tact is the art of building a fire under people without making their blood boil." Zig Ziglar

Jimmy preached to a crowd of 99 people this morning. The sermon, "Elijah's Miscalculation" included a fact that you cannot separate politics and religion because people express themselves in the laws they pass. For example, it has come to our attention that in Alberta, Canada it may soon be considered against the law to teach your children that homosexuality is wrong. Hard to believe that in a country close to the U.S. that the government is now dictating what parents can and cannot teach. Something to think about, isn't it?

The ladies' Bible class continued reviewing Genesis (ch. 19 today). At the end of class, Momma Michael (a Maasai lady whose husband made her leave once she became a Christian) requested that the ladies begin putting back a little money in order to buy gifts for the lady visitors who will come this summer. She encouraged the ladies to "give a little something back" to others who spend so much time, money and effort to come and teach them. This lady lives in a mud hut and has no job. She might get money from selling some vegetables, milk or by selling a goat. She mentioned that she learned so much from the "old lady" who taught the seminar last year. By "old lady" I believe she was speaking of Edith Samples Kincaid (Jimmy's great aunt) because she was the oldest who came last year and also taught at two seminars. By referring to her as the "old lady" she was actually speaking of her with respect because age is honored here. Edith is 80 years old and is an example to all for the personal evangelism she has done. In Joshua 14:10-11, Caleb, age 85, says he is strong and wants to "take a mountain." This brings us to thinking about Cotton Box who arrived in Kisongo yesterday. Along with his wife, Beluah, and Dupree and Soneia Gallaway, he is here to evangelize! Speaking of "taking a mountain" this is something he will do tomorrow and has done on most of his trips over here. He goes up (way up) the mountain to a place called Kioga. We've heard many "interesting" stories about "adventures" on this mountain especially during the rainy season. So...Senior's no time for retirement in the Lord's kingdom. We need you...we need your guidance, your wisdom gained from the Scriptures and from life experience, your vision and your leadership. We appreciate all the older people who have contributed to the TZ 2000 Mission Work in such a vital way. 

Lindsey studied Genesis 5 with Teresia (new Christian) and separately with her sister, Rehema, a non-Christian. The study with Rehema centered around facts/information about the Bible. Sophia (a Christian and neighbor of Teresia's) also sat in on the study. Abigail has studied with Grace twice since our last report. Grace was the 15 year-old who Abigail taught and who wanted to become a Christian but her father would not allow it. The good news is that he is allowing Abigail to continue studying with her. Hopefully, when Grace is out of her Dad's household, she will become a Christian due to the good foundation she is receiving.

Trina was finally able to get an update on Rosemary. In order to talk with her she had to have a translator and due to the sensitive nature of the conversation, she could only speak with her through Paulina. Sadly, Trina learned that she still (after many, many weeks) does not have an answer concerning whether or not she has cancer. The clinic she went to has been very slow in getting her lab results. Then, she missed an appointment to discuss the results because she was scared the treatment they might suggest (or force upon her if her husband gave permission) might endanger her unborn baby (she is 5 months pregnant). When she goes back for a prenatal appointment this week, she promises me she will ask about the results of her lab work.

It's been said that "laughter is good for the soul." We agree. Our daughter, Candace, age 12, has given her permission to write about what she said about certain chores we offered to pay her for. Before we do, let’s just say that she is a hard worker and nearly always has a good attitude when asked to help with the 101 jobs we do everyday (for no pay). However, concerning more difficult jobs she had this to say one day: "I can't keep a job, have no motivation, but I'm broke and desperate for money!" She is saving money for a trip to Nairobi to meet her cousins in May. What made it so funny was that we thought of those words being written on a piece of cardboard being held by someone standing at an intersection. Of course, we know that some holding a sign saying, "will work for food" may truly have fallen on hard times and in need. But sometimes we wonder if the words of Candace would also be true for others.

The new quarter begins this week with Jimmy teaching Hebrews, Christopher Mwakabanje teaching Marriage and Family, Cy Stafford teaching the book of Job, Sean Hochdorf teaching Philippians and Philemon, and Anita Hochdorf teaching English and Writing. Lindsey plans to take Philippians and Philemon. Abigail and I are taking Hebrews. We said farewell to Gary Fallis this past Wednesday night. We are happy to report he made it home safely and we are thankful he came our way to teach a short course.

Thank you so very much for your continued and faithful support of our work. May God bless you for your sacrifices! 

Because He Lives,
The Jimmy Gee family

Posted on April 15, 2012 .