New Sister In Siem Reap...

Hallelujah Praise God for our newest sister in Christ, Saranya! After meeting her husband on the basketball courts and inviting them to church, then her enrolling into IBISR on her own has been nothing short of God's hand being involved in all of this! Glory to God for bringing souls who are seeking Him to join with other souls who are doing the same! I am excited for her because not only did she obey the gospel in putting on Christ in baptism but she has been coming to study God's Word everyday full time! It is no wonder that she responded so quickly. The students and my wife also had a role in teaching and being good Christian examples! Please continue to pray for the work of Christ here and for our new sister in Christ, Saranya!


To see the report with a picture of Saranya’s baptism, visit Phanat’s blog by clicking here.

Posted on March 4, 2012 .