Mondoni Village Is Growing In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from my physical family, the staff, students and members of the Wotutu congregation. We pray this mail will find you all in good health and sound faith. We are excited to share with you our weekly report.

This is the young congregation we established one month ago in Mondoni village. The Lord’s hand is upon our work and your prayers and support keep us going. After one month 27 souls were added and the worship is sound.

God is still sitting on the throne. All is well with us except for few members who are sick and some who lost dear ones like sister Grace Itoe, who lost her husband and sister Schorlar who lost the senior sister. She died and leaves behind a four month old baby. We feel bad about these type of situations.

It is good some members of our congregation went to these places to show our sympathy making the Bible to be fulfilled in us, to rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn.

Students of CBIW finished their exams this week and all went on well. We pray they improve on their grades and their devotion and passion for the gospel to plant and water so that God will give the increase in due season.

Thank you very much for all your prayers. I made a request for your prayers for two brothers who were supposed to travel from the USA to come over to CBIW to help teach a short course for two weeks. Brother Martin Johnson from the Moab congregation where he is preaching full time in Utah is here. He was assigned this morning in our Wotutu congregation to teach the adult Bible class. He did well as he encouraged the congregation to continue with her evangelistic efforts drawing inspiration from the parable of a sower.

Brother Gage Coldwater spoke in his sermon on the conversion of the Ethiopian Eunuch, making wonderful application for all to benefit. Our congregation this morning was blessed by their presence. A total of 95 Christians listened and took home great messages from them. Glory be to God.

After worship, I took them to the Buea congregation where I went to attend a meeting. It was great for them to meet with other brethren who were also happy to welcome them. We returned to our home in Wotutu where they are lodging and had a delicious meal cooked by my lovely wife.

Even though Exams took a lot of time for the students, to be fully involved in our evangelistic efforts, some few were sent out for weekend evangelism. Brother Muofo taught in Mondoni village house to house. Keep the work in your prayers.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. We are prepared to send our students to 18 different congregations after short courses from brother Martin and Gage from the 16th of March 2012.

My personal appeal to you and your family and the congregation is to help me if you have the means for my to travel to Zambia. It will cost me about $2000.

God bless you and all that you do.

Elangwe and family by His grace
Director CBIW

Posted on March 4, 2012 .