Students Take A Vocational Class In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from Cameroon. It is a good, bright day and we had a wonderful worship in Wotutu with two, first time visitors. I worshiped in Tole congregation to assess one of our students on campaign in that village. I do pray this mail will meet you in good health and a sound mind. We are doing great here in Wotutu, except for the fact that some brethren are not okay in health. We know God is able.

Brother Gage Coldwater taught class during his vocational training. It was a great class to help our students be self-sustaining when they will graduate from school. Keep this program in your prayers. We also have gardening and other things that will help us have meat on our table and also to raise income. We thank you brother Gage. God bless you as you share your wisdom to many others on your way.

Last week in CBIW was a busy one as our students and the visiting lecturers from the USA were rounding up studies for them to take off for campaign. It was a hectic week with much learning from class and outside work to keep the line straight to avoid any doctrinal problems in the future from congregations as our visiting lecturers visited to encourage.

Brother Gage taught the students and some interested Christians from the Wotutu congregation outside on the field practically. He also hired some experts from a non-governmental organization who are specializing in snail farming to come and help teach us so as to create diversity. It is a great development.

We had our rabbits in their cages as we have started. Please keep our efforts in your prayers so that we shall share pictures of our developments by His grace in the future.

We were laughing and smiling, making jokes as we happily constructed our snail pens. It is a good thing because it is rich in health and also to improve our family income. God bless you all who contributed to the realization of this work.

After a busy week for vocational training, all CBIW students were set after the send forth ceremony for our visiting brothers who came to contribute their own quarter in the training of men to preach in Cameroon. Campaign this time for our students took a different face, as all our married students went to their campaign villages with their wives. Our focus is to start getting their wives to be more mission conscious as they prepare to get into full time ministry after graduation. Many congregations in Cameroon called my office to applaud the gestures, even though it is expensive, but it serves a great deal for the work we are out for.

Brother Nicholas Etongwe was to travel with his wife Barbara who is five pregnant. Please keep these students in your prayers that God use them to accomplish His purpose.

Cameroon is known as Africa miniature. All of Africa is in Cameroon. After a hard week of work and services, I took our visiting lecturers to admire nature like lava flow and the beautiful shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

Friday, the 16th of March, was our mid-week prayer meeting days. We also attached the program to a fellowship meal and send forth ceremony to brother Martin Johnson and brother Gage Coldwater who sacrificed their time and money to come over and to help us accomplish a lot. They visited 5 different congregations and helped many that they saw were using Lord Supper wine containing a low percentage of alcohol. Their visits increased the soundness of the gospel in Cameroon. As I mail you, brother Gage is very close to returning to the USA, in the air now, while brother Martin stopped in Paris, France to worship in a congregation and then continue home. They left Cameroon, by His grace safe and sound. We give glory to our King for care.

1) I am still praying and planning to attend the Africans Claiming Africa for Christ conference  in Zambia. Please find a place in your heart to help me attend this conference financially. ($ 2000)

2) We appeal for the young congregation we established in Lebialem village that appealed for me to come over to help solve a problem there that is still pending. I was busy with the lecturers that came and the means is not there now. Keep this young congregation without a preacher in your prayers.

3) We shall move to Batoke village to establish a new congregation when the students come back.

We give thanks to God for all His wonderful things towards us. We thank Him for helping us go through the quarter without any major problems.

Thank you for all you are doing to help this work continue. You are clay in God’s hands and He is using you well for His glory.

Continue to pray for this work here. Think about it.

Join my entire family in appreciation to God for watching over the life of my son Welisane Raymondchris Elangwe, who was two years last Tuesday 13th March. Keep him in your prayers that he will grow up to defend the truth and to help many know God.

Do your best to share this with others, God is able.

Elangwe and family,
By His grace Director CBIW

Posted on March 18, 2012 .