School Is Back In Session...

School was back in session for the third quarter on Monday, March 12, 2012. The calendar we are running for the quarter and the classes and teachers are listed below. As we get closer to the rainy season, which may begin next month, we are getting some repairs done and structures put in place to prevent leaking and the rains getting into the classrooms, office and library.  Fester Lee, our technician, and Jerome Torh, a senior student, are doing the repairs.

Third Quarter (March 12 – June 8, 2012) Calendar:

Students Report  March 9

Classes  March 12-April 6  

Research/Mid-Term Exams  April 9-12

Classes (Final Exams Inclusive)  April 16-May 11

Short Courses (West Coast)  May 14- 25

Master’s Program (Bear Valley)  May 28-June 8

Week of Evangelism (Students)  June 4-8 

Courses and Teachers

Juniors Class
OT 2:  (Study of the History: Joshua – Esther) : Instructor -- Matthew Ackah

Life of Christ 2: (Teachings: Sermon on the Mount, Parables, Judgment): Instructor -- Joshua Aidoo

OT 3a: (Study of Wisdom Literature: Job): Instructor – Charles Arthur

Cost of Discipleship: Instructor – Daniel Asiamah 

Short Courses
1 Corinthians – Matthew Ackah

Prison Epistles – Charles Mensah

Seniors Class
OT 4: (Study of the Major Prophets: Isaiah – Daniel): Instructor – Charles Arthur

Life of Christ 4: (The Final Days: Passover through Resurrection): Instructor – Joshua Aidoo

Foundations of Missions (Study of Missions in the NT): Instructor – Daniel Asiamah 

Preacher’s work: Instructor -- Charles Arthur 

Short Courses
Biblical Interpretation 2: (In-depth study of Hermeneutics) - Matthew Ackah

Hebrews - Charles Mensah

Commodities prices keep rising and the atmosphere is heating up as we head towards our national election in December this year.  Brethren, pray for us.

Daniel K Ampadu-Asiamah
Takoradi, Ghana

Posted on March 18, 2012 .