Couples Get Married In Cambodia...

Greetings for Siem Reap! These past few weeks have been wonderful and busy in that we have had two marriages of Christian brothers and sisters! The first week of March, we attended Vanra's wedding to his long time sweetheart in her hometown in Takeo Province which is about 7 hrs away from Siem Reap. Then the week after that, I performed the wedding of brother Choeuy and sister Borey at the church building! It was beautiful to see those two coming together finally. 

The church here is continuing to grow and marrying within the faith! We are also expecting Sopal, the local preacher for Svay Rieng, to marry one of the second year students, Kosal, in the month of May! Savai, one of the staff at IBISR, will be engaged in a few weeks! 

This is all wonderful news for us and we hope that you continue to keep us in your prayers as we continue to grow spiritually and in number! For them to want to marry other Christians to strengthen their faith is a sign of spiritual growth. They understand the importance of finding a suitable help meet and God will truly bless them. We are developing core Christian families that can grow and pass on what they've learned from the Word of God to their children and their children's children. We are breaking the Buddhist cycle of passing traditions of men to the next generation. It is refreshing to have had a hand in cultivating a Christian culture among the Buddhist society. Please keep the work here in your prayers and may God receive all the glory!


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Posted on March 18, 2012 .