Short Course Teachers In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

Accept greetings from all over here. We are always pleased to let you know what made news here in Wotutu Cameroon. We praise God for you and your family. We are convinced that you are doing great in all that you do. We are just fine except for few of our Christians who are sick and some students. Some of their wives or relatives were sick in the course of this week and they went to their villages to check on the situation, like brother Ashu Evaristus who just left campus now from an emergency call about the sickness of his wife.

Minister Martin Johnson from the USA arranged his table last Monday with ties which he gave to all the students as lovely gift from his lovely wife sister Julie. The students were very happy for such a gift that makes them decent in the pulpit and from house to house as they scatter the seed of the gospel. Thank you sister Julie. May God bless you for such wonderful love shown to us.

We praise God for all His blessings toward us here as we were really busy with the short courses. Brother Martin was busy in class teaching 2 Corinthians while brother Gage and I kept moving to set all things for the vocational training that will start tomorrow. They are reporting well in health just for the fact that the climate is too hot for them now, but all is well because God still sits on the throne.

Brother Gage Coldwater taught Bible class in the Tole congregation. Their visit has been characterized with visits to nearby congregations. It is good to discover  the work here in Cameroon.

Brother Martin supervised his class final on the book of 2 Corinthians. It was really great as the students understood the in-depth studies of the book.

The students were smiling as they enjoyed food made with corn and beans. It is pathetic to me because a blind sister left the Tole congregation just to come and feed the students of CBIW. I was worried about that but she said, God is blessing me, so let me share that blessing with the students who have sacrificed their time to study the word of God.

Today we visited one of our youngest congregations in Mondoni. Brother Martin taught on the topic, “Who Is A True Disciple?”

We enjoyed great fellowship with one another, especially those who share the same vision and dreams to train men to preach the serving message. We moved around in Mondoni village to visit some Christians in their home before worship. Brother Gage and brother Martin were able to be a part of these visits.

At the end of our worship today in the village, with an attendance of 56, we stood for a family picture. This congregation was established one month and two weeks ago today. Keep this young congregation in your prayers for them to keep growing in all angles of life.

1) The quarter will end this Friday and the students will go to 18 different congregations for a campaign. Some will be in virgin lands to see the possibilities of establishing a congregation.

2) My plans to attend the African Claiming Africa for Christ conference in Zambia in August 2012, is still fresh. I count on your support to attend this conference. You can check on the conference program on

We give thanks to God for all His blessings toward us. We thank you for your prayers and support toward the successes that are happening. God bless you and keep you in all that you do. Do your best to share this report with others.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director CBIW

Posted on March 11, 2012 .