Austin Report...

Dearest brethren, 

Last month we wrote you with about 2 feet of snow on the ground, today I am writing to you with 68 degree weather (expecting snow in two days though).  We continue to be blessed in so many ways.

Cameroon Bible Institute of Wotutu (CBIW) has completed its long courses of the first quarter.  Over the next two weeks they will be taking their two short courses taught by Marty Johnson from Utah and Gage Coldwater from Texas.  Marty is teaching 2 Corinthians and Gage is teaching Vocational Skills.  I am so thankful for their hard work and sacrifice in preparing for this trip.  

CBIW continues to reach out and evangelize every weekend to surrounding communities; sometimes several hours away.  They had 27 souls immersed into Christ this past month just in one new town.  We are excited to see their progress.  Because of the impact the school is having on the church in this region of Cameroon, there are a lot of interested young men wanting to come to the school for training.  There are also a lot of churches begging for these men to come to their towns once they graduate. 

I was back in school this month.  Bear Valley has a class called Ministry Technology, which was not offered when I was in school.  An anonymous donor generously gave me an electronic Bible software called LOGOS, which is not cheap.  This is an extremely valuable tool when studying the Bible.  However, to effectively use the software, you need training.  I received a little over 20 hours of instruction, which has already helped my everyday studies, but I think I still need another 100 hours of instruction.  

The weekly preaching at the Retirement home continues right along, as well as the Wednesday Bible study.  We continue to have a consistent number of about 12 souls.  

I was also presented with three other Bible study opportunities with a friend of ours from the congregation.  He is inviting all his family members and some of them have allowed us to study.  

One night we really enjoyed having two couples over for dinner and games along with their kids.  We also hosted a teen devotional and a student-wives devotional.  We ending up having about 60 people in our house for the teen devotional; it was the largest turn out they had ever had for a teen devo.  It was a little crowded, but the singing was awesome.  I was asked to share a few words of encouragement.

Some other highlights include preaching on the RESURRECTION one Sunday, and teaching in the book of Psalms for two Sundays for the Bear Valley church.  Those were some great studies.  

My parents also visited with us for a week this month.  My dad took his second “Blitz Week” courses in the Master’s Program.  We really enjoyed our time together.  My mom continues to be healthy and we are so happy she could make the trip.  

Last month we shared some good news about our support, unfortunately we lost $200 this past month.  We are planning a support trip to Tennessee the first part of April.  Please keep those efforts in prayer.

The children continue to grow.  Amazing!  We have been really blessed with good health and sharp minds.  They are growing in their knowledge and service.  Aaliyah participates in “God’s Precious Daughters.”  Every Sunday they get together and are receiving extra training and service opportunities.  We have started taking the kids to the YMCA at least 3x a week for some PE, mostly basketball.  It has been fun.  

We are so very thankful for your support and prayers.  We are thankful for our God who has designed the body to help each other accomplish His will.  May He be glorified in all we do together. 

In His service, 
Austin Family


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Posted on March 11, 2012 .