Opening Doors In Siem Reap...

This past week, Chann and Sopheap (second year student), went on an evangelistic campaign to Battambong province to teach to a contact of Sopheap to try and get another congregation started there. The trip was a success and the church in Siem Reap has decided to support this campaign in hopes of planting another church there soon! We are excited and can’t wait to get the rest of the students and staff involved in the rotation in planting and watering the new crops. I, personally, want to share about meeting a new contact through basketball and we started talking about God and Jesus and now that person is taking classes at the Bible school and coming to church on Sundays. We hope that she obeys the gospel soon and puts on Christ in baptism. Please keep her in your prayers. I met her through her husband who played basketball with me while he was here visiting. Please pray for him as well as he plans to come back to Cambodia next year and contribute to the work here in Siem Reap any way he can.


Posted on February 26, 2012 .