The Pilot School At Chapel Hill...

A few months ago, the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver began working with the Chapel Hill School of Biblical Studies. There are several areas we are continuing to work out in the development of this relationship. The school was started a few years ago and is overseen by the elders of the Chapel Hill Church of Christ in Cape Coast, Ghana. This is a weekend school designed to strengthen the church and provide training for men to preach the gospel. The development of this school by the Chapel Hill congregation provides an alternative to the full-time residential program in most Extension locations. This will be a pilot school effort for Bear Valley in this alternative approach to training. We are honored to work with this wonderful congregation and join them in their efforts to provide this training. We appreciate and like what we have seen so far. We will keep you informed as this program develops. Below is a report from the director of the school and preacher for the Chapel Hill congregation. 

After ordaining four brothers as elders at Chapel Hill on January 1st, 2012, I left Cape Coast in the afternoon for Agona Swedru. As Cape Coast and Agona Swedru are in the same region, Central, we started the planned work some preachers and I had planned for the Region. From January 23 – 29th, 2012 we did a follow up with dawn, house to house and night street preaching at Atwaa a village nearer to Mankessim. This village church was established five years ago. Twelve (12) preachers met in this village to do this follow–up and as a result 42 people were baptized. We were able to give Bibles in the local language to those who are able to read. More of such programmes are plan for the year and would be done as we get the funds. 

As I am one of three preachers in the Region who are registered by the Government of Ghana as Marriage Officers, I do travel much to officiate marriages. In the month of January, I did two marriages in different directions. Sheriff and Eunice both are teachers at Mankessim and John and Grace at Breman Asikuma. Apart from John, all the rest are Christians. 

I was able to meet and worship with two congregations in two high schools. Three (3) were baptized on the second visit. 42, of which 37 were students, attended the first Sunday and on the second Sunday of my visit, there were 26 in attendance, including 23 students. These students are between the ages of 14 – 18. The work in this ministry is to help in the worship, train the students to lead in the services, visit and encourage the weak and those who could not attend services and to study with prospects who are also students and some teachers. We need song books, Bibles, communion wares and T–Shirt with the inscription of the Church or church activities written in them. 

The third semester of the Bible School programme was started again on January 20, 2012 after the Christmas holidays. The current batch of students of 22 for certificate and 10 for diploma will graduate in December 2012.

Kojo Acquah Beenyi

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Posted on February 19, 2012 .