The Church Is Growing Strong...

Dear brethren,

It has been a good day today. We are doing fine here in Uganda. The churches of Christ in Busia, Namayingo and Bugiri Districts are growing strong in the Lord. They have seen the need to do things which leads them toward being independent.

Today we worshiped at Nandwa church. I was given a chance to preach and I preached about walking in the valleys of life. The brethren saw how the Lord can deliver those who fall into the valley. 

We are remaining with only two weeks until graduation. We are now waiting for the short course teachers who will teach and later we go to the graduation. We are praying for all of you who are planning to come for graduation. Come and be with us on that great day. May the Lord bless you as you plan your trip. I hope to read from you. 

Francis Wechesa

Posted on February 19, 2012 .