Developing Measures At CBS...

On the 9th of February 2012, Steven Ashcraft and I traveled to Kpalime. We left Accra at about 2:00 pm and arrived in Kpalime at about 7:30 pm. The objective of this trip was to meet with students and staff of CBS and to visit with the church.

We were informed that disciplinary actions were taken that affected five students who have been asked to withdraw from CBS in the month of January.

1) Akanya -dismissed for the habit of always coming in late for classes.

2) Mawusi’s father died. He left and did not return.

3) Apetofia left because he could not support the wife and kids he left behind.

4) Pedaka sought permission to go and visit his wife and children who were sick. He over stayed and was asked not to return.

5) Joel’s sister took him out of school and traveled with him.

We have taken these disciplinary measures to deter other students from doing the same.

Steven Ashcraft, the staff and students of CBS also had a meeting regarding several issues facing the school. Issues discussed at the meeting included the following:

1) Steve’s role as coordinator.

2) Reviewed the curriculum to see if it met the Bear Valley Bible Institute’s standard.

3) Looked at the doctrinal statement document from Bear Valley Bible Institute and its possible translation into French.

4) Reviewed the grading system of CBS.

5) Certification issues were also discussed.

Sunday worship service was held at the NYIVEME church of Christ.
The Nyiveme Church of Christ is the largest congregation in the Kpalime area with an average attendance of fifty. Most of the CBS students attend worship service here on Sundays. Steve and I worshiped with the brethren and had the opportunity to teach and preach.

CBS students led singing, Steve preached & Willie interpreted. Steve later met with some recent graduates. 

Nyiveme Church of Christ Outgrows It’s Place of Worship
The Nyiveme Church of Christ was established in 2005 and until 2011 has served as the home for CBS. It now has a membership of over 60 but its average attendance is 50. The congregation has outgrown its present place of worship and plans to relocate, but needs more chairs. The congregation will move in to use the classroom at CBS. This new place should take no less than 80 worshippers. This decision to move into a larger place will also create more space and therefore the motivation to evangelize. We are confident that by the close of 2012 the attendance will double.

Each plastic chair will cost $7.00 and we shall need 60 pieces. This will amount to $420.00

Our first outreach program for 2012 will take place in Aveho Tugbli where Clement, one of our recent graduates is preparing the ground for a three day campaign for Christ in March. By the time of this campaign, we should have saved CFA 120.00 for campaign expenses. Instead of the monthly campaign which were not adequately funded, we have decided to hold four campaigns this year, one every quarter.

Willie Gley

Posted on February 19, 2012 .