100+ Baptisms In North India...

As we have entered in the last month of the year, we wonder from where to start with the abundance of blessings we received this year from our good God.  

Sharing the Truth 
The students are asked to go by bus to the far places and visit the nearer places on foot. As an evangelistic tool, we started last year an open gospel meeting in a rented hall. We have fixed this meeting on every first Wednesday of the month. On this day the other preachers also join us and we have a great fellowship.  In addition to that the local preachers have had meetings in their respective areas and invited other preachers including me to preach there. It helps to introduce the Church to the new people as well as new areas.  

Areas of work
We have been working in Maloya, Daddu Majra Colony, PGI, Kharar (a suburb of adjoining City Mohali, Punjab), Baddi (Himachal Pradesh), Panchkula (Haryana). Students are sent as groups to evangelize and teach people. Each day our work is on.  

Bombay Trip
It could be called a successful one, though there was tension in the city at the rumor of a fundamental Hindu leader’s death (92). There was a fear that they could create chaos. But everything went well by the grace of God. After I reached home, I heard that he was dead. It was the same time I landed in Chandigarh. I trust the Lord had providential care in that. I had 3 days class there and taught on the plan of salvation. Many of the denominational people attended that study and appreciated. In fact they requested me to come again in March next year to teach them.   

Wedding Bells
Brother Muan and Mary were married last month. Muan is a member here and worships with us but Mary is in Ahmadabad, Gujarat. She is working in Military service and expects to move to Chandigarh.  

Preparing for the upcoming lectureship
The Chandigarh Church and the NIBC host their annual lectureship for the preachers in North India. This is the first and major initiative to bring brothers together on one platform. It helps the weak brethren to be in touch and do not lose the faith. 100 letters are being sent to the different locations of North India (Hindi speaking Belt) to invite preachers to attend NIPL-2013. This year the North India Preachers’ Lectureship comes on the 14th and 15th of February 2013. The study this year will be from 2 & 3 John and the Epistle of Jude. This year we have planned to gift a small Bible Bag to each preacher with the Bible College address printed on that. This way those preachers can tell about the NIBC, all the time they go for preaching or visiting people with their Bible. 

Literature Distribution 
We are helping preachers throughout North India by sending each month the complete Bibles, New Testaments, Song Books, Tracts and small leaflets. The Voice of Truth has been proven a real blessing for those who are in search of Truth. 

This year so far we have sent 385 Bible, 150 song books, 5,000 VOTI (Hindi), more that 20,000 Truth for today books, several NT’s, tracts and sent BIBLE KI BAAT (Bi-monthly) leaflet.   

The obedience to the Truth
It gives us a great joy when we hear of those who have obeyed the Lord. Not only here, we have heard of more than 100 baptisms that took place in different locations where our co-workers are working.  

New Students
We have been working to enroll the students for the next session. I have been getting requests from Punjab, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and other places. 

We give thanks to God for all the blessings he has bestowed on us this year and appreciate all the partners in prayer and encouraging us with their means. To God be the glory (1 Corinthians 3:6, 7).

These are just a few out of the countless blessings we received and it gives me joy to share with you all.   

Your fellow worker


Posted on December 9, 2012 .