Growing The Work In Liberia...

Reflection on Scanty Enrollment
In our last report we stated that at the close of the First Term registration in September 2012, the total enrollment stood at fifteen (15) students collapsed into eight (8) commuting students and seven (7) residential. 

We would very much like to have more students, but fifteen students can make a real difference for the Lord as they graduate and go out to preach and teach the Gospel. Even while they are in training, our ministerial students are actively carrying out the commission of Christ in evangelism and edification. This is evident by their weekend evangelism and participation with local congregations in teaching Bible classes, doing personal work and visitation. As indicated in our reports there are wonderful results. There are baptisms from their effort and many restorations. 

Being cognizant of the huge financial contributions being provided by our generous supporter, we have concluded plans to run a second class come September 2013. There is need to recruit, encourage and train more workers for the Kingdom of God because “the harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few.” We believe that preparing more preachers and training more teachers for the Kingdom will encourage support for the preaching school. A second class will start at the beginning of the next academic year to increase the number of residential students who will fully utilize the furniture and fixtures supplied through the financial outlays. We remain eternally grateful for this active benevolence.  

Weekend Evangelistic Outreach
I write to share the joyful news about our students and faculty who are carrying out the commission of our Lord Jesus Christ by teaching and preaching the gospel in evangelism and edification.

In November 2012 LBC students worked with local congregations an in the communities. They actively participated in personal evangelism, visitation, Bible class teaching. For the month of November there were a total of ten conversions and several restorations.

In week one of November our campus-based students participated in community evangelism. At their local congregations they got involved in visitation, taught Bible classes and conducted personal evangelism. In week one three persons received water baptism in the vicinity of the preaching school. These converts placed their membership with the Smythe Road Church of Christ

As usual during the second week the preacher students conducted personal work in the communities and enrolled several persons in WBS courses. At local congregations they conducted personal evangelism on Saturday and on Sunday participated in visitation and some given the opportunity to preach. One of them, K. Harris Wahwelee preached at Kakata Churchy of Christ (situated 45 miles from Monrovia) on the theme, “Leaving your spiritual Egypt to enter in God’s rest,” using as text Hebrews 3:11. Brother Harris also spoke on a local radio program. 

Truth for the World
Our campus-based students were seen in action in the communities during the third week engaged, studying the word of God with community residents. At local congregations our preacher students got involved in visitation and personal evangelism.  Two restorations took place as a result of their effort. The students on Sunday participated in worship activities in their local congregations.

During week four, Jones Town Church of Christ (situated 7 miles northwest of Monrovia), became the center of evangelistic activity for our students and staff. Ten students and the instructor of Personal Evangelism (Brother G. Moses Beh) participated in a three-day gospel campaign at Jones Town, a local congregation recently restored from the tentacles of the One Cup anti-brethren. Seven (7) persons who gladly received the word of God were baptized and added to the church. 

Faculty News
Two of our faculty members traveled to the United States of America in November 2012. They are brothers Maxwell and Arthur David. The latter departed on the 30th of November while the former left on the 1st of November 2012. Both teachers are expected to return to Liberia and resume work in January 2013. Brother Moses Beh completed the Old Testament course for Maxwell. For Arthur, he completed his Worship course and evaluated the students before departing. 

Final Evaluation Week
The regular sessions of instruction for the First Term at Liberia Bible College were climaxed by a week of evaluation. The final examinations were administered during the last week of November commencing on the 26th.    

Short Courses
We offered two short courses during the first two weeks of December. The two courses offered included Leadership and the Scheme of Redemption. The leadership course was presented by Alassis N. Goldore, from December 3 – 6, 2012.  Brother Daniel Sackey, a former instructor and dean of students at LBC taught the Scheme of Redemption from December 10 – 13, 2012. Brother Sackey is a graduate of LBC and Nigerian Christian Bible College (NCBC). He is currently the preacher of the Central Monrovia Church of Christ. 

End of Term Gospel Campaign
At the close of each instructional term (we have 3 terms in an academic year) both instructors and students conduct a week of campaign for Christ. The first term’s gospel campaign, therefore, was held on two weekends of December 7 – 9 and   December 14 – 16. The host congregation was the Smythe Church of Christ. Details and a pictorial will follow soon.


Posted on December 30, 2012 .