The Truth Is Changing Lives In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from your brothers and sisters of this part of the globe. We do hope you are doing great and we pray that this report finds you all well and sound in Faith. The work this way is going on well and God blessing us with good health. This period of our country is the time that many suffer from health conditions as we are transitioning to another season. The rains continue to fall and by so doing making the weather not favorable for people’s health. We praise God we are managing to move ahead with our calling.

Brother Tobias baptized brother Jonathan. God helped us to rob from the strong man’s house this weekend as 4 precious souls obeyed the gospel. Keep them in your prayers so they will grow to maturity and many will see their life style and will love to be like them. Keep us in your prayers for us to have the means to do constant follow up to help feed them the word that will enable them to grow.

Last week in CBIW went on well and our chapel theme was STAND FIRM (Exodus 14:13). This was aimed at helping our students who will face lots of challenges as they graduate from school and enter into full time ministry work in different locations and also to help the Christians of Wotutu to stand with the Lord forgetting their present situation.

The weekend came again taking us to 5 different locations this week. God went with us and we all return safe and sound. We thank you for your fervent prayers.

The Lord continues to bless our Wotutu congregation daily, as we had 7 first time visitors today and 110 people study the word and worship with us. We still lack benches as many will stand throughout our almost 3 hours during our time in the hall. Keep your prayers going on our behalf.

Locally made canoes help to cross people over the lake to another side where we can trek to our mission location. God is faithful that we were safe there and back.

Our staff and kids of Brightland Christian Academy of Wotutu demonstrate how our ministries keep growing. The vision to win Wotutu for Christ in particular and Cameroon as a whole is working. 3 months ago the educational family of Cameroon came and gave us the go ahead with the creation and running of this nursery and primary school. By this we shall be able to transplant the word to the hearts of these young ones and the church of Christ in the future will have a different face. Keep this in your prayers and join us to build and win for the glory of God.

Weekend evangelism this week took us to 5 different locations and our main aim when we are out is to do house to house evangelism so as to rob from the strong man’s house. Brother Tobias taught a family in Mbanga Village. There is a good history that prompted us to establish this congregation.

Brother Jonathan smiled as he come out of the water grave to be part of our Big family. Keep him in your prayers.

The truth continues to change lives (Romans 10:13-15). Both the old and the young listen to the words of truth with eagerness to know and to obey. God is faithful.

We are planning to go to two new locations one for the establishment of a new congregation and the other one to revive and nurture. Batoke village has been pending for long time. If the Lord wills then we shall be there this weekend. Keep it in your prayers.

Students have started preparing for their final exams by next week, so that we shall be done with our exams and attend the annual Bible lectureship of the churches of Christ in Cameroon December 12-15.

Our alpha batch graduation will take place on the 20th of December. Keep it in your prayers and if you wish to come and witness it then we shall be ready to prepare invitation letter for you to get a VISA.

Many thanks to God for you, for all your prayers and support to make this happen. You are the pillar to our ministries and we pray you continue to stand by us and help us realize more what God is already doing in our communities. God bless you and bless all your endeavors. Do your best to share this report with others who may love to be part of this soul saving ministry. God bless you with what you wish yourself this season.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director CBIW

Posted on November 4, 2012 .