Rich History Of The West Coast School Of Preaching...

Dear Brethren,

I bring you greetings from Takoradi on the West coast of Ghana, West Africa. It is my hope and prayers that you grow strong in the faith and increase in fruitfulness to the glory of the Lord.

I have just completed a week long teaching assignment at Tamale, the capital town of the Northern Region, some 430 miles from Takoradi. I taught in our sister school, The Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies. The course was on Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage which I taught October 15-19, 2012.

We are five weeks into our new school term with ten new students and five continuing students.  Two more will join us next month. They will have to catch up with the rest. If they do not pass their first term exams they will have to take the first term courses again. Classes are being held in earnest and the new students are becoming used to the daily routine of campus life. Our next major event is the graduation and here is some information about. . .

About the time you read the next report it will be graduation time at West Coast, November 10, 2012.  This is going to be another unique graduation in that aside from the six men who would be receiving BVBID certificates (the second time in the School’s history), two men who have successfully completed Bear Valley’s bachelor’s and six who have completed the Master’s  would also be recognized at the ceremony. 

Graduations have been held for those who completed West Coast School’s two-year programme as follows: 

At the First Graduation of the school in 1999  – 2 men graduated. Second Graduation in 2000, 6 men. Third Graduation in 2001, 8 men. Fourth Graduation in 2002, 8 men. Of this number 3 went to the Central Region of Ghana, 1 to the Brong Ahafo Region and the remaining 4 worked in the Western Region. Fifth Graduation in 2003, 11 men. Two went to work in the Ashanti region, 1 to the Northern Region, 5 in the Central Region, and the remaining 3 located in the Western Region. Sixth Graduation in 2004, 10 men. Of this number, 1 is located in the USA, three are working in the Central Region, and the remaining four are located in the Western Region. Seventh Graduation in 2006, 9 men. Four of these are in the Central Region, 1 in the Eastern Region, 1 in Nigeria, and the rest in the Western Region. Eighth Graduation in 2007, 6 men. Of this number 2 are located in the Eastern Region and 4 in the Western Region. Ninth Graduation in 2008, 8 men. One in the Brong Ahafo Region, 1 in Canada, 1 in Nigeria, 2 in the Central Region, and 3 in the Western Region. Tenth Graduation in 2009, 9 men. Five are located in the Western Region, 2 in The Central Region, 1 in the Volta Region and 1 in the Eastern Region. Eleventh Graduation in 2011, 11 men.

Eleven men graduated at the eleventh graduation which was held on the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the year two thousand and eleven.  We have 1 of them in the Volta Region, 1 in Liberia, 2 in the Northern Region, 1 in the Brong Ahafo Region, 2 in the Central Region and 4 in the Western Region.

Twelfth Graduation in 2012, 6 men. Of this number, 1 will be going to the Greater Accra Region, 1 to Sierra Leone, 1 to Nigeria, 1  to Liberia, and 2 will be working in the Western Region.

This is to give you information about where students from West Coast are working. The school is located in the Western Region of Ghana, which is the reason most of our students are from the |Region and work in the Region after graduation. With the exception of the Upper East and the Upper West Regions, West Coast has students working in the remaining eight of the ten Regions of Ghana, and some are working in neighbouring West African countries of Liberia, and Nigeria, as well as North America. We give thanks and glory to God for our journey so far.

 Our concern for the graduation this month is the deplorable condition of the only road leading to our campus. Before the latest rains one could drive up there with some effort, but not anymore.  All vehicles will have to be parked at the foot of the hill for all to hike the steep hill on which we are located to the ceremony.   

 “Brethren, pray for us. . . The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen” –1Thessalonians 5:25,28.

Your servant for Jesus’ sake,

Daniel K Ampadu-Asiamah

Posted on November 4, 2012 .