Liberia Bible College Is Up And Going...

Greetings come to you from your colaborers in Christ in Liberia, West Africa. Following is the news and report about the Liberia Bible College, covering significant activities and events that culminated into the reopening of the school. They include, inter alias, the visit of two American brethren, improving the learning environment of the Bible College, rebuilding the logistical capacity of the Bible College, commencement of academic session and pending Gospel campaign.

A two man delegation from the United States of America in persons of Steven Ashcraft and a brother from Texas visited the Bible College in Monrovia, Liberia in August 2012. Steven who earlier visited us in February 2012 encouraged our brother from Texas about the work of the Bible School and both concluded plans to pay a visit in August of this year. Steven arrived on August 1, 2012 and was joined on August 5, 2012 by our brother from Texas. While in Liberia, the visiting brethren held two important meetings with local church leaders and school authorities. On Monday August 6, 2012 a meeting was held with the elderships of the Church of Christ at Smythe Road and the Church of Christ at V.P. Road. This meeting was highlighted by preliminary briefings and a status report by the director of the school and Steven Ashcraft. They encouraged the two elderships to continue their support of the Bible School by appealing to their congregations to help recruit and support brethren who wish to attend the school. He also asked them to contribute ten percent (10%) of the monthly budget of US$ 2,221.00 as the remaining ninety percent (90%) will come from the U.S. The visiting brethren also met with the board of directors and staff of the Bible College on Tuesday, August 7, 2012. Similar sentiments were expressed. Furthermore, the monthly budget which included costs for staff stipends was presented with staff being asked to make some sacrifices as well as to help encourage and to recruit students for the school. In response, the board and staff thanked these men for their vested interest in the school and that they were going to do their utmost best to contribute their quota thereby complementing the efforts of the American brethren.  

With funds provided, the Jerry Langford building, which was constructed in 1971, has been rehabilitated with new roof and ceiling, painted walls, doors, working electrical and plumbing fixtures, and windows complete with glasses. Also, sufficient appropriate furniture has been acquired and put in place in the classrooms and the library of the college. 

To rebuild the logistical capacity of the Bible College, the external financial assistance has enabled the institution to procure and install one generator, and buy and install a photocopier. 

On improving the quality of the academic and professional programs, the curriculum of the college was reviewed and diversified in consonance with the Bear Valley Bible Institute. The Library of the college was rehabilitated and equipped with books (though the number of books is inadequate), software, furniture and other materials. 

In addition to relocating the library on the second floor of the Bible College building, a large guest room has been rehabilitated to serve as residence of visiting American brethren and instructors. Showers and face basin are installed as well. 

On the first floor of Langford building the classrooms and offices were enlarged, with each classroom now accommodating thirty six students instead of previous capacity of twenty. The two bathrooms were also enlarged to accommodate two toilets and two showers each. 

Key furniture and fixtures were procured and installed on both floors of the Bible College. Family bed with mattress was put in the Guest Room upstairs. Five old bunk beds were reconditioned and five new bunk beds were built to accommodate students attending the institution. Four large book shelves were built and installed in the library on the second floor.

Given the active benevolence of our American brethren, the College now runs on a monthly budget of US $2,221.00. About ninety percent (90%) or US $2,000.00 accounts for American support while the ten percent (10%) or US $221.00 represents Liberian support. By paying ten percent of the budget the Liberian brethren will demonstrate ownership of the Bible School. To this church leaders have committed themselves.

Thirteen (13) students started classes on the 17th September, 2012. Classes commenced late due to ongoing work on the bathrooms. We anticipate about twenty (20) students to enroll (this is based on the number of application forms filled and returned to the Office of the Registrar). 

Six teachers have been hired to teach the following courses during this first term.

Maxwell J. Whea  Old Testament I
Arthur B. David    Worship 
G. Moses Beh Personal Evangelism I
Jerry D. Wamah   How we got the Bible
Philip G. Montgomery   Writing Skills
Alassis N. Goldore Christian Evidences

The school is privileged to have a guest instructor from Bear Valley Bible Institute (our partner in Christian education) to come over to Liberia to conduct two short courses. The two courses are The Scheme of Redemption and Leadership. The classes will run from December 3 to 13, 2012.

Gospel campaigns are an integral part of our extra-curricular activities at the Liberia Bible College, one week of evangelism will be held in December immediately following the short courses. Both instructors and students will join hands and hearts with local congregations in Monrovia to conduct this one week of evangelistic outreach. The church at Smythe Road has registered its interest to host this first evangelism program.

Alassis N. Goldore

Posted on October 7, 2012 .