Gathering At The Bridge...

We have had rain the last two days, the first in months. As I was in my study this morning (Sunday) I was working on my lesson to preach at Uturo where I will meet some of our students who have been studying with some in the community since Friday. I looked out on the beautiful African morning and saw eight of our students gathered at the bridge. I went out to see them and Howell Ferguson drove up in one of the mission vehicles. He was taking them with Remmy, the Dean of the English program, to another congregation where they were going to worship and stay all day to do follow up Bible studies. Then Joseph, our dean of the Swahili program, drove up in another vehicle. He was going to preach with some students at another congregation. Soon Chad was driving up with his family and Menard Swilla, the mission supervisor, to go preach at another place. Speaking of preaching, Menard spoke in chapel Friday and powerfully encouraged our students to use their talents to serve the Lord. Boaz will come by with his pikipiki (motor cycle) with a student on back and go up the mountain to preach where they have had 4 baptisms and 1 restoration in the last week. 

As I came back into the house to gather my Bible and kahawa (coffee) I was rejoicing to be involved in such a great work. A work that the Chimala Bible Institute does where dedicated preachers of the gospel and our students in training can all to “gather at the bridge” and go out and share the good news of our merciful Savior. 

Ezekiel is here now and we are off to Uteri to join Israel, one of our students who preaches there, with some of the other young laborers and go “preach Christ.” Surely this is the way it must have been as our Lord sent men out to preach the gospel of the kingdom. The road will not be as dusty today and the plants will be in bloom, and a cool breeze is blowing, but what is really special about this morning is to see so many, young and old alike. Teachers and students alike, Americans, Tanzanians and Malawians, “gather at the bridge” and then going to share the gospel with our world. God bless all who support the work with your prayers and thoughts…. 

Garry L. Hill
Extension Coordinator
Chimala Bible Institute

Posted on October 28, 2012 .