Prayer Changes Things...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from your brothers and sisters over here in Cameroon. I hope you are all doing well in the family over there and the church is healthy. We are happy to share our news with you in the course of the week. God continues to help us in all that He has entrusted in our hands to reach out to many and nurture those who are already in the family here.

Sister Martha Mesumbe obeyed the gospel of Jesus. She was baptized yesterday after listening to our morning program and came to worship us some time ago. She came during our prayer meeting class on Friday and told me “I am ready to be baptized. Wow! Please keep her in your prayers as she walks with Christ through her many others in their staunch Presbyterian family with the mother being a female elder, that they may come to know the truth and obey it. The Wotutu congregation continues to grow and we are short of chairs as we worship. Today a total of 103 worshipped. God blessed our weekend evangelistic efforts by adding three souls among 6 locations. Glory to His name.

The week ran well without any major problem here, except for the fact that our students, and some Christians, are not sound in health. The chapel theme for the week was PRAYER CHANGES THINGS (2 KGS 20:1-6). This was aimed at making our congregations and our Christians live a prayerful life. We have lots to ask from God and to fight the battle waged against us by the evil one, that is why all of us need to be empowered by our God.

The climate is changing in Cameroon and continues to disturb the health conditions of many in our congregation, but mostly our students. We praise God for the means provided for us to buy medicines that will help the situation. The small medicines continue to help emergencies with little children in the church community. Keep us in your prayers many are sick.

Evangelism is our mission and we are involved in weekend evangelism weekly to help many congregations applying for us to come over and help. Last week we reported about the road and how it was so bad, but we thank God that this week His call took us to a road that was not as bad as the other. This tells us that the Christian race is not always ruff and rocky. We sent out students to 6 different locations to evangelize and also nurture congregations. A student went to Kwa-kwa congregation who lost their preacher in September. They are in need of a preacher from our school. We praise God as many congregation keep coming to my office to see how they can take a preacher on full time work. Keep this work in your prayers so that these men will go into the field directly to rob from the strong man’s house and populate the kingdom of God.

There is a struggling congregation in Kumba area struggling to erect a permanent worship hall. Keep their efforts in your prayers.

1) We have another tedious mission work this weekend. Keep us in your prayers as we plan to go for the robbing from the strong man’s house.

2) Our mass campaign in a new location in Batoke is still pending. Keep it in your prayers.

3) We shall graduate our alpha batch of students in December 20, 2012. We shall be pleased to have you as our guest to come and witness and have fellowship with us. Please, if you would love to come, then indicate it, so that we can prepare you an invitation for your VISA.

Brother Maurice and sister Gladys are planning to get marry on the 26th of October 2012. Please keep them in your prayers. They need it and your help also. It is not an easy task in our culture to finalize your plans for marriage financially. Share this with others who may love to help these young people to become responsible.   

We thank you and your entire congregation for standing by us to see that the gospel penetrates in our communities. God bless you all and keep you all safe.

Do your best to share this report with others who may love to be part of the soul saving mission here in Cameroon. God bless you and your entire family and the family of God in your area.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director of CBIW

Posted on October 21, 2012 .