ACSOP Has 100+ Graduates...

Greetings Fellow Workers,

We greet you with hearts of joy and thanksgiving. We continue to lift you up in our daily prayers, trusting that God is with you in all that is true and honorable. We are good, blessed and thankful to be a part of God’s work here in Tanzania.

The “Tanzania Leadership Conference” has come to a close with much good being done. We had men from two continents, four different countries and from all four corners of Tanzania. Many were able to come this year with their wives, making the conference one, if not, the best ever. What a joy it is to see the growth in many of our graduates and others who have come to know Christ as their Lord since we began this work.

We were blessed with Francis and Margaret Wechesa from Uganda. We are thankful for Gary Hill coming up from Chimala with two of his coworkers. We could not be more grateful for the Bear Valley presence. Thank you Denny, Mike, Bob and Neil. It was good to have Nathan for the first time and Buddy Fry (an old timer, having been here several times).

I was truly blessed to travel with Bob Turner to Kisumu, Kenya to visit with Charles Ogutu and Elias Omollo who are working with the new Kenya School of Preaching. It is really hard to imagine that we have trained these two men here at the Andrew Connally School of Preaching and now they are directing a newly planted school of preaching. When Francis Wechesa left Tanzania, having worked with us for ten years, to return to Uganda to begin the Uganda School of Evangelism we had mixed emotions. As we now look back at these two schools we can see God’s hand at work and God’s blessing through multiplying His work here in East Africa.

The ACSOP has graduated over 100 Gospel preachers. In our visit with Charles and Elias we learned that between the two of them, since they graduated the ACSOP, that they had planted eight new congregations. WoW! Amazing! We can hardly imagine how many are now Christians today because you cared enough to support this work of God. Thank you and thank you!

We received word this week that our brother Gaudence’s wife obeyed the Gospel. Amen! Gaudence is a new convert as a result of this years Safari for Soul and through the efforts of the group from the Second and Adams congregation, Elk City, OK. Thank you brothers and sister for a job well done, God continues to give the increase.

We are also blessed with the presence of Janet and her daughter, Allie from OK. Janet was part of the Elk City group this summer and has escorted Allie over. Allie hopes to spend the next several months here with us, working in the Kingdom. We are so very thankful for young men and ladies who put God first in their lives and who have such a zeal for the Lord and his Kingdom’s work.

Tom and Bruce, from LA, have been working with Matthew (one of our recent graduates) in the bush for the past week. They are due to return tonight. We look forward to their report and the good news of what God has done through them this past week.

We close with hearts of rejoicing for all God has and is doing. We thank each of you for your part in this mission effort. Without you many more would be lost in sin. May our God receive all the glory and may He bless each of you beyond measure.

In Him, Cy, Stephanie & Granny

Posted on October 21, 2012 .