Voice Of Truth Distributed In Northern India...

We have planned to disperse all the 5,000 copies of the Voice of Truth International (Hindi) Vol. 2. We received tremendous response for it. People appreciate the effort to make it possible. I receive almost daily phone calls from those who are getting it by post. 

Brother Mangal has viral fever and he could not come to teach this week. I used his time with the students and we were spreading copies throughout the city and its suburbs. About 1,000 people are targeted to contact this week. 

All the students are scattered in teams and we ask them to go to people's houses and share with them this book.

In the city they got nervous today because of the busy life of the people. But today they were encouraged to meet people who welcomed them. Voice of Truth International has been a great tool for them to go out. We are thinking to print some Hindi tracts too.

This and next month I will be having an extra busy schedule. Brother Mangal is having a gospel meeting in Amritsar and I am going to teach in Bible Seminar in Bombay (Nov. 5-7). There, I anticipate to fetch some students for the College. I plan to go by air in the afternoon, Sunday and fly back on Thursday (Nov. 8) to Chandigarh. There is a frequent air service to and from 

Mumbai to Chandigarh. That saves me a lot of time. 


Posted on October 15, 2012 .