The Message For East Africa...

Dear Brethren,

We thank you very much with all you are doing to support the work here in Uganda. The faculty, the staff and Students of Uganda School of Evangelism are very thankful for all that you are doing to make this school continue. May the almighty God bless your sweat. We went to do evangelism in Kenya at the Ebuyangu church of Christ. The students went out Saturday and visited house to house around church location. Many people were restored and the members were very much edified through the lessons which were taught by our students on Saturday evening. On Sunday morning I taught the five churches who had come together and the church's responsibility to their preacher. Every one liked the message as it is very much needed in East Africa and may in all of Africa. 'Thank for all that you are doing for the Lord. 

Francis Wechesa

Posted on January 29, 2012 .