A Good Look At Growth In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

Great love from this end to you over there. I do hope this report will meet you and your family in good health and sound faith as usual. I am glad to share with you what made news on our campus and off campus in the course of the week.

The week went on well with all our studies. The students, staff and members of our congregation here in Wotutu are doing great in health and are growing daily in the Lord. Thanks very much for all your prayers and great concern to us and the work.

Brother Innocent baptized one of the prospects. Julius obeyed the gospel, as seen in the picture above. Please keep him in your prayers to grow daily for the glory of God. One soul, brother Emmanuel Okia, was restored.

This weekend was a busy one for some staff and all the students of CBIW. Due to the many demands for the gospel in different communities for us to come over and help, it is becoming more demanding in how to accomplish all this with our little resources and human resources. God gave us wisdom to meet up with three urgent demands this week. I divided the student body into two groups and sent one to the congregation we revived last week, sending one lecturer to another community and I went with the larger group to Lykoko village.

As I write this mail to you we all made it back to the campus safe and sound with great success.

I preached Saturday night in an open air in the market square of Lykoko village using a mobile microphone to speak out the word loud and clear on the topic BE PREPARED FOR THE JUDGEMENT DAY and light was everywhere, thanks to the presence of our powerful generator set. The population of the village without lights was drawn to come and see what was happening and they came and listened to the gospel and movie from WVBS.

Our student, brother Tobias Sakwe, spoke in the work during the day from house to house. So too all the students and some members of the Wotutu congregation that followed us. The school is making the members of Wotutu to become more evangelistic. Thanks to God that our school motto is very contagious now.

One of our students, brother Innocent Kogge, was doing the same and people stopped their work to listen to what they have never heard. They listened with keenness and the gospel penetrated in their lives and exposed errors from denominationalism.

Brother Ititi Benedict also baptized a soul in Lykoko village. The Lord added nine souls in total for our four days stay in the village. Keep the work there in your prayers. The Lord has done His part to add. The questions in my mind now involve who will nurture for them to grow to maturity. The field is really ripe but there are few laborers. Please keep praying for students to study well so they will be fit by December 20th 2012 to graduate and go out to help conserve, nurture and win more souls for the Lord. The strong man’s house will be demolished when these soldiers will attack.

The worship hall for one congregation struggles that their place of worship is not much, but they want a full time preacher to come and help the church grow.

The students that were assigned to go and continue to plant and water the Mondoni congregation came back with good news. They restored 3 more souls this week and 6 souls were added into the body there. Keep this work in your prayers because we can see the Hand of God in it.

The staff we sent to Ndonono Balue village returned safe and the Lord restored one and one soul was added into the fold there. A total of 16 souls were added into three congregations that we were able to meet with the demands this week and 5 souls were restored. Glory be to God for loving us.

1) We shall travel with a few students this weekend to the French community of Nkongsamba for a four day campaign to establish fully a congregation of the Lord. Please keep us and all our plans in your prayers for help from above.

2) Students will still continue the Mondoni mission to plant and water and also rob from the strong man’s house.

3) More invitations are coming to my office, but our hands are really short to meet up. We shall continue to do those that we can. We are eager to go because our school motto drives us, EVANGELISM IS OUR MISSION AND OUR MISSION IS EVANGELISM.

We thank God for you. We are glad we know someone like you in our ministry. Thanks very much for all you are doing, it is bearing fruits. God bless you and all that you.

Please do your best to share this report with those around and far from you. God bless and watch over you throughout this week as we meet again by His grace. We are always blessed to read your comments.

Elangwe and family,
By His grace Director CBIW

Posted on January 29, 2012 .