New Class Begins At BVBIU In Ukraine...

Dear brothers, churches and families.

In Ukraine, as it is in other parts of the world, the summer comes to its end, and this period is usually connected with recreation, traveling and spending time with one’s family.

We had a wonderful chance to get some rest and get ready to the new school year. We thank God that we were able to change the registration of the building from educational to religious facility, and this way we can use it safely.  

On September 3, we’ll have an orientation day at the institute, where we’ll address the rules and requirements for the students. We have 9 new students entering this program as freshmen. Three of them are ladies. All of them are about of the same age. These young people are willing to sacrifice their time and strength to serve and win new souls for our Lord. The classes at the institute will start on September 5.

In this month I had an opportunity to visit several local churches and preach at some of them, like Slavyansk, Gorlovka, Kramatorsk, and Krasnyy Lyman. Brothers and sisters there accepted me with joy and enthusiasm, and many of them are sending their greetings to you, especially the churches that our students attend.

The building of the institute is ready to the new school year. Our new secretary Oksana has put in order our library and electronic information. We have also prepared a study room for the Master’s class. 

Now we have enough room to provide housing for all the students from other towns. 

Starting with the new school year, we plan to start a Bible school for kids at the building of the institute, which will work during the week, and in this way it would help Central church of Christ. We would be grateful if you keep this project in your prayers. 

On September 29, we had a meeting of the preachers that was attended by brothers from Donetsk and Lugansk regions.  We try to meet as often as we can and keep in touch. There is a recent tendency in Ukraine that some churches start departing from sound doctrine and try to influence other churches too. I think it’s very important to have communication and support those preachers who stay committed to the biblical position. 

One of the problems, that worry me now, is that we haven’t started any new local churches. We have students, and in the next year we’ll have new graduates, but we don’t have any plans on how to use them after they graduate from school and how to help them in their ministry. If you have any ideas or experience in this matter, please write to me. 

I’m very glad that many of the American brothers responded to my previous letter and are ready to come to Ukraine to teach. We are in great need of your experience and support. I will have all of the information in September and will send you an updated schedule with your names. 

Thank you for your prayers and support of the institute and my family. God has shown us His power and care in multiple ways when we started previous school year, and I hope we’ll rely more on Him during this year.

Your brother in Christ,

Posted on September 4, 2011 .