First Graduation In Nepal...

On September 21 we had the first graduation ceremony for the Nepal Center For Biblical Study. For the last nine months the word “PROGRESS” has been the most dominant word in my vocabulary. That was certainly the case during graduation.  

In 2009 I told Bob Turner and Ralph Williams, extension school Directors of Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver, that Nepal desperately needed a school of preaching, and also that maybe Nepal was not ready for such a school. They both said that God would unquestionably do His part so we should get busy and do what we need to do. Their strong faith combined with the labor of love from many Christians on both sides of this planet, plus many sincere prayers have resulted in the PROGRESS that defies description. I still vividly remember the blank looks on the faces of the students in January and February of 2010. My own frustrations and doubts remain fresh in my mind. Those memories remain ……. BUT …….. the feelings have become those of encouragement, excitement, confidence, and fulfillment. “You will know them by their fruits” is a clear statement of faith, obedience, and purpose put into action. The “fruits” of our students, and the school’s influence throughout Nepal, says more than words could ever say.

We anticipated about eighty to ninety people for graduation. The earthquake Sunday evening, three days of heavy rains, and mudslides reduced that number to about seventy. On Tuesday each of the students gave a twenty minute lesson centered on the need for each Christian to be active in evangelism and the need for each congregation to mature their members. Their words of sound doctrine were strengthened by their poise, organization, and confident delivery punctuated by smiles and encouragement. Each member of the audience could see their progress and the need for more men to receive this type of teaching and training. Tuesday was the edification and the ceremony on Wednesday was the celebration.

We will begin our next class of students on November 7. The challenge remains, but the fears and doubts have vanished. Our enrollment should more than double [12-15]. This group of full-time students will receive comprehensive instruction in every book of the Bible as well as teaching, active discussion, and questions/answers on all phases of Christianity, including false doctrines.  

Four to five times per year we also invite preachers/leaders from congregations throughout Nepal to join us for a week of special classes. We want to be touching all Christians with sound teaching, unity, and fellowship. After nine to ten months of training we will begin to take our students to remote areas of the country for teaching and evangelism campaigns. Every Friday afternoon through Sunday the students go out in groups of two to three to work with congregations within the Kathmandu Valley. They gain personal experience while working under the guidance of the men of that congregation.  

Late September and most of October are a sacred Hindu holiday. We will use one week of this time to invite forty young people [ages 15-22] to Kathmandu for a special week of Bible classes, fellowship, and fun. They will be joined by about twenty local young Christians. Each student is required to read Genesis at least twice prior to the gathering and come with notes and questions. We believe that students should always come prepared, join in active discussions, and ask questions. Preparation leads to Progress, which will result in individual growth and more edification and application of Christian principles when they return home.

Thanks to Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver for thinking of Nepal in 2008-2009 and for their confidence and assistance. Thanks to the brothers and sisters in Texas, California, and Nevada who have contributed to our various needs, both financially and regular prayer. Thanks to the local Nepali brothers and sisters for their participation, support, and prayers. Mostly we thank God Who is “able” and willing to do more than we can imagine and ask. When we see the PROGRESS, we see the hand of God. 

Rejoice with us and pray for us, 

Gajendra Deshar ……Director
Jerry Golphenee

Posted on September 26, 2011 .