The Great Invitation...

Dearest in Christ,

Accept our sincere greetings here. I do hope you are doing great in all that you do. We are struggling with life here in CBIW, but we appreciate God for all circumstances that we find ourselves because He is aware.

I pray that this report meets you in good health and a sound faith as usual.

All our programs for this first week of our fourth quarter went on well. Our chapel theme for the week was THE GREAT INVITATION, an invitation to serve and to serve whole heartedly. The students and staff benefited from this sitting with lots of examples from our fallen minister Awum Nicholas who was invited to come and teach a short course in CBIW and today he is no more. We should try and use the time we have to do our best in the work of the kingdom so that we shall leave foot prints for others to follow.

His passing away caused stress to many both in the school and the Wotutu congregation and other sister congregations all over the country. Minister Awum was also my advisor in CBIW, having contributed mentally towards the work here. We lost a great figure in Cameroon who started working as far back as 1975. He leave behind his wife and 5 children and many to mourn him.

We shall travel there on Thursday after lectures to his home for wake keeping and burial. CBIW has been given opportunity to exhort mourners on Thursday evening. We have made our plans to carry along some WVBS DVDs with our projection device. This will be a great opportunity to help many as we can to lead them to Christ. From Wotutu to his home is 80 kilometers, please keep us in your prayers for safe trip.

Brother Ayaubo Alfred, a student, is sick and hospitalized since Wednesday in a Baptist hospital in Mutengene about 20 miles away from Wotutu. Please keep him in your prayers as the doctor said he may have been suffering from diabetes. The final test will be confirmed within the week.

All the stress should not deviate us from our calling. I still sent out students to nearby congregations for weekend evangelism. Brother Mulango Theophile, with the mile 14 Likoko church of Christ, restored 2 souls who were away and are back rejoicing.

God bless you as you do your best to share our reports with others to be aware of what is going on here in Cameroon.


We shall travel to Batoke to fully establish the Lord’s church in that community with the help of our public address system. We shall do great work. Keep us in your prayers.

Thanks very much for your prayers and your timely support to see our progress. God will not pass you by when He will come for His reward.

Elangwe and family by His grace
Director CBIW

Posted on September 25, 2011 .