Ladies' Seminar And Lessons Learned From 9/11...

Dear Supporters, Family and Friends.

We hope you are taking advantage of your opportunities to serve God wherever you are. Jimmy taught Bible class and preached on “Lessons Learned from 9/11” this morning at the Kisongo congregation. In the ladies’ class, Trina took a lesson from Genesis 18:16-33 where Abraham asks God to spare Sodom and Gomorrah for the righteous souls.

Many of you know that our youngest son, Matthew, has cerebral palsy. We found a “therapist” (not full-fledged) who will work with him every day and we are already seeing some slight improvement. Abigail has initiated several discussions with the therapist concerning religion. He is a Lutheran and believes in infant baptism. He told Abigail that she needs someone with a college education to explain it to her. (Ha/ha) We are glad the Bible is written on a 6th grade level where all (if we really try and “diligently seek” him, Heb. 11:6) can understand regardless of education level.

Yesterday, the Arusha church conducted a Ladies’ Seminar for their congregation which included 3 Tanzanian speakers and one American speaker, Stephanie Stafford (the mission team directors’ wife). One of the speakers, Grace, who attends Kisongo and works as a cook at ACSOP, told us that it was a great seminar!

Prisca, who visited the Kisongo church a few weeks ago, had been studying with Jimmy. Sadly, it seems she has lost interest in studying the Bible, and desires to “live as a Jew” celebrating their holidays, observing the Sabbath, etc. Please pray that she can be reached.

On Friday, one of our neighbors (a non-Christian, older Maasi woman who attends services occasionally) came to our gate asking for “chakula” (food).  After gathering a few things, she was so grateful that, besides shaking Trina’s hand continually, she gave her a Maasi blessing…she took Trina’s hand and spit on it. The next day she attended the Ladies’ meeting at our house where we were discussing the upcoming seminars in October and the Marriage Seminar that Chris and Beth Akin plan to conduct next year. On Sunday, after a great lesson from Jimmy asking the congregation if they were prepared to die, she responded and asked to be baptized! Ahimidiwe, preacher at Kisongo, had also been studying with her for the past 3 months. So, some “planted” and some “watered” but God gave the increase! 

Some of our children have been handing out Bible tracts to people walking by our house (most mainly on their way to the mosquito net factory) and at the market. Most people gladly take them and immediately read them.

In about two weeks the annual Tanzania Leadership Conference will take place. There are two brothers coming from the US to attend and speak. Steve Wiseman and Buddy Fry, both from Texas, will be here. In addition to speaking at the conference, Steve will do some evangelism and Buddy will teach a short course at the ACSOP. Please pray for their safe travels.

About the same time we are also expecting Jimmy's great-aunt Edith Kincaid as well as Trina’s mother Rita Ward. Please pray for their safe travels as well.

As always, we are very thankful for your sacrifices which allow us to be here to be involved in this wonderful work. May God bless you all richly. 

In Christ,
The Gees

Posted on September 11, 2011 .