New Converts, New Visitors, New Opportunities...

Dear Co-Workers,

On this warm, sunny day guest Ken Chambers preached to a packed auditorium in Kisongo. His powerful lesson was scripture-filled and revealed three reasons from I Peter 4:1-6 why one should become a Christian. As usual, we had visitors present, including a lady named Prisca, who lives near Usa River. Because she is a new-comer to Arusha, she sent an email through a mailing that we are a part of, asking about “a messianic fellowship.” Jimmy responded, inviting her to services this morning. Today, Mrutu began teaching a new converts’ class for our many new Christians. They will be a part of this class for one year. Jimmy continued teaching the men on the Gospel of John.

Erica, member at Kisongo, Arusha Bible school graduate and an employee of the ACSOP, taught a wonderful lesson to the ladies on the subject of “Prayer.” It is so refreshing and encouraging to know one of the Tanzanian ladies can teach such an excellent lesson. Hearing her lesson gave Trina even more hope and confidence that the church at Kisongo will carry on long after the Americans leave. Our other visiting teacher, Sellers Crane, preached at Kwa Mrombo.

Today, we have planned a home worship service for our sister, Helen, who has cancer. She continues to be sick and weak and we wanted her to be able to worship even when she couldn’t get out. Two ACSOP students will conduct the service for her and bring the Lord’s Supper.

Next Sunday Jimmy, Cy Stafford, Elly Martin, Ahimidiwe Kimaro and Charles Heberth will leave after worship for Uganda. As we said last week they will be attending the East African Gospel Meeting where they Jimmy and Cy will teach some lessons and take part in the evangelistic efforts. However, there is another reason Jimmy is making this trip.

Jimmy has always been a fan of anything written by Stephen Covey. You may be familiar with his most popular book "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People." Well, several years ago Mr. Covey wrote, "The Eighth Habit." With that book he included a DVD which had several short documentaries about people and places which had taken some of the principles in the book to heart. One of the people was named Stone. He was a soccer player who played professionally in East Africa and was so good he was picked to play for the national Ugandan team. This was an opportunity to play in Europe and be seen by the scouts for the BIG professional teams. But, just before he was to begin this journey, another player on an opposing team deliberately injured him in such a way that he would never play soccer professionally again. Stone immediately forgave the man and moved on with his life.

Stone has since been working with young men who were unemployed, sometimes involved in crime and had been written off by their family and their society. He coaches them in soccer and teaches them a trade where they can support themselves and be responsible. To make a long story short, Jimmy asked one of the preaching students to go and see Stone in Kampala. Jimmy thought that if Stone was respected and influential in his current state, how much more could he do as a Christian and as a servant within the Church? He was visited and at first rejected what he heard because, as he said, "If God is not with me, how can I be doing so much good?" Jimmy sent the student back several times and Stone was impressed by that persistence. He now wants to meet Jimmy. Jimmy will go and study with him some more. Please pray for their safe travel and for Stone, as he hears the Gospel one more time.

Due to the trip there will be no report for the next two weeks. Thanks so much for your support of the Gospel here in East Africa. May God bless you for all your sacrifices.

In Christ, The Gees

Posted on August 7, 2011 .