My Life As A Mirror...

Calvary greetings to you and your family. I pray that this report finds you in good health and a sound faith. We are doing great as our programs in the school and the congregations are going. But for the health of many students that we reported last week that they were sick, we praise God as many of them are responding to treatment. I could not take any of them to the hospital, but I met a doctor who prescribed essential drugs for all the students because to take above 10 persons to see the doctor for medical attention is not easy financially.

Our chapel topic for the week was “My Life As A Mirror” (Prov. 27:19). This was to help not only the students, but others who will pass around to be part of our chapel services. Because of how rich the topic was, some members and some leaders of the Wotutu congregation requested it to be taught in our Sunday Bible class so that a larger part of the population will benefit from it. As you can see, one of our students this morning, Etongwe Nicholoas E was taching at the church in Wotutu. It was really good.

The students are happy because of the availability of drugs now in the school. I bought a quantity that can take us for a month because the climate makes people sick often, not only the students. We are praying for the months to pass by fast so that we shall enter into a favorable weather conditions. 

The weather this week was so horrible that it made me stop the students from going out for evangelism. All our scheduled evangelism was disturbed because of bad weather conditions.

Our daily program went on well, just for the fact that lecturers from outside came to lecture late of one hour because of rains, because they must use a motor bike to make it to the school. but they stayed above normal closing hour to make up the lost hour. I commend these ministers who are teaching in the school for their marvelous sacrifice to make things happen.

Elangwe, taught a sermon this morning on the topic “God Sees (Prov. 15:3). We have four first time visitors in the church. It was great to commune with one another and the food was a balanced diet to help us grow in the Lord.

Our congregation in Wotutu is appreciative of God for CBIW and all you are doing to sustain this vision of the school. The school is doing and will continue to do great things for the Lord’s glory. 

1) We are still praying and looking forward to favorable weather conditions for us to move to Batoke village to establish a congregation. The means for a public address system is still keeping us from moving ahead, along with the weather.

2) Next campaign will be in September and there is a village that one sister came to the school by herself pleading for the school to help send students to establish a congregation because that is her village. To get to the village you need to travel by land and then finish it by a boat for four hours in a creek. Please pray for us to have the means to go to this village and save souls for the Lord. There are similar demands like that in my office.

3) Transportation is a problem and a stumbling block to our work, because if we use a motor bike it is more risky to make our trip with this kind of weather conditions. Thanks be to God for our area is not characterized with flooding, no matter the intensity of rainfall. 

I am very happy for all that you are doing to see that this work is in progress. God will never pass you by when the time of reward will come. Please be confident that your prayers and support are not and will never be in vain. 

God continue to bless your efforts.

Elangwe and family
By His grace, Director CBIW

Posted on August 7, 2011 .