Limiting Electrical Power, But Not The Power Of God...

Dear brethren,

I did not write this short report on Sunday because in Uganda we have power rationing. They give power on certain days and hours. We thank God that He is blessing us greatly with good hearth. On Sunday, we worshiped at a congregation  called Bulukuyi this is one the congregations where two of students go preach on Fridays and Sundays.

Brother Peter Otieno from Migori Kenya and Brother Maloba Fedrick from Bugati congregation are working. I was a companed with Ema Mawa who was given a chance to preach during service. Brother Peter Otien taught the class. For me I taught the congregation some new songs in our native language Lusamia. After the service four people were ready to be baptized. I took them in the Lake which was about 18 km from Bulukuyi village. Those who were baptized were  Olengo James, Rose Awino, Auma Henderika and  Auma Vivian. Pray for them. The Bulukuyi church is among those churches which are in need of Land and Building. They are ready start putting  a grass house so that they can save the money used on rent a very month. Pray for this congregation. God bless you all. 

Francis Wechesa

Posted on August 7, 2011 .