One Beautiful And Exciting Conversion...

To Our Co-Workers, 

It’s been two weeks since our last report (due to Jimmy’s trip to Uganda) and we have lots to write about. First of all, many will remember a Christian named Rubin who (sadly) committed suicide a couple of years ago. Several months ago his parents wanted to learn more about the church due to all the love expressed to them from the Kisongo church members. Last Sunday, it was announced that they both were baptized (after much study). I wish I could have videoed the excitement and joy shown on their faces when they stood up. Rubin’s father is planning a celebration at his house soon and will invite all of the church so that (in his words) “all the neighbors will know that I am in Christ.” Do people in America get that excited about becoming a Christian? He says that he believes his whole family will soon become Christians. It’s great that many families here live close together and that helps the Gospel spread throughout families.

More great news:  Recently baptized was a woman named Adella who, along with her husband and son, has been visiting for some time and has been attending the New Converts’ Class (although she was not a Christian at the time). For the last two weeks we have had a family visiting the church that live in the Braeburn International School compound (the husband is an instructor there).

Jimmy taught the Men’s class, continuing the series on the Gospel of John. Paulina (member at Kisongo) taught the Ladies’ class and Trina taught the Children’s class (more than 25) concerning the Prodigal Son. Since the weather has been very cool, the church is trying to quickly get the classrooms at the back finished. The roof is on but no door or windows yet. It is still warmer than meeting outside.

Jimmy’s aunt (Edith Kincaid) and Trina’s mother (Rita Ward) are planning to visit us near the end of September. Trina has been busy planning a Personal Evangelism Seminar for the ladies and a ladies seminar on the book of Galatians that will take place during their time here. Edith has been busy with preparing her lessons (she will teach all lessons of the PE seminar and two lessons for the Galatians seminar). Trina’s mother wanted to teach some classes but decided that the work permit (recently raised to $550) was too expensive. We are very happy that both will be visiting.

The third quarter has begun at the ACSOP so the students have returned. Cy Stafford is teaching the book of Acts and Ahimidiwe Kimaro is teaching Samuel, Kings and Chronicles. Emmanuel Peter taught the book of Luke and Jimmy will teach a short course on the Church. Buddy Fry is also planning to be here to teach a short course on Exegesis.

Before Jimmy went to Uganda he spoke about his planned meeting with Stone. The study took place over a two hour period and many things concerning the Truth were acknowledged by Stone. He knows what he needs to do but has said he wants to think about it. We left study material and four people to follow up with him. Cy Stafford was also a part of the study and typed a transcript that he promised to e-mail back to Stone. Jimmy has also e-mailed him encouraging him to study more. Please pray for him that God will give him time to obey.

In addition to the study with Stone, the other reason Jimmy and Cy went to Uganda was to participate in the East Africa Gospel Meeting. A few days before they left, Francis Wechesa asked Jimmy to preach the meeting. Since there was so little time to prepare he simply took the sermons with him that he preached at the same meeting in Nairobi in 2005. Because of the trip to Kampala to study with Stone he was able to preach only three of the lessons. Francis covered the other two lessons. In addition to preaching, the brethren planned times in the afternoon each day of the week to bring lessons to strengthen the brethren. Jimmy was asked to speak on Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage and Cy was asked to preach on The Power of the Cross. Both lessons were well received. Further, Jimmy and Cy also participated in the evangelistic efforts that took place. The local brethren were left to follow up with those studies. No public conversions took place but we know that the word of God will not return to Him without having the effect which He intended (Isa. 55:11). Thanks for all you do to make our work possible.

In Christ, The Gees

Posted on August 28, 2011 .