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Hello! My dear brethren

In the beginning of July we continued our Evangelism program. We (preachers) went all at KPELE-BEME for public preaching on 15th but we have not succeeded because there was a big raining all the day. We postpone it on 19th-21st August. 

I went to ATIYI with KODJO of AVETONOU area to work for start the church. We met the chief to talk with him to mobilize youth for preparing the place for shed. On 21st they started preparing the place. The Center Biblical Studies bought a football for their youth. That football was given to the youth’s leader. They started playing that football and they were happy and working so hard to make temporal shed. 

The evangelist Kossi GIDIGIDI want be the preacher their, I spend that when we shall do the public preaching on 19th to 21st, he will be their with he family. We need fifteen (15) benches and on table, and altar for church. 

KPADAPE (New congregation, denomination change to Church of Christ).
The attendance was 21 to 22.

After KELE-BEME, 13 preachers and 4 members of KPADAPE church join us. We went to knock doors with gospel (house to house) two by two. At 3 pm we have a rest and take food before going back. All preachers were present and I encouraged them at the end with 1 Cor. 15:58.

Two men were baptized on the 3rd after worship. The men pass 08 to 10 and on the 24th six young boys visited and started studies with evangelist. Preachers were in KPADAPE on 26th June for public evangelism program organized by the Centre Biblical Studies (CBS). The last report I notice that people visited the church. 

World Bible School (WBS) and Radio Program and Center Biblical Study:
One group of six started studies with Evangelist Yawovi AMEGANDJIN at KOUSOUNTOU and I plan the public evangelism there in September 23rd to 25th

Our radio program continues with force. 28th September evangelist Selom ASSOKLOU, my interpreter, talks about “things sins can do with sinners” and we notice that many people were interested and our listeners request Bibles, tracts and we make program of personal study with them. One woman and her husband started coming in church now. Evangelist Selom has on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon studies with that family. 

The Center for Biblical Studies (CBS) teachers met on 25th at Lome: Cephas NYEMANTA, ESPERANCE Akovi and Kodjo KPODENOU to discuss the program of school. The interview day will be 17th and 18th August 2011 and 5 September will be the beginning of the new school year. I enrolled 27 candidates and on 17 to 18th we have to choose 20 twenty best to be students at CBS. 

God bless you all,
Your brother in Christ
Cephas Essotena NYEMANTA

Posted on August 21, 2011 .