God Gives The Increase Again in Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from CBIW to you and your family. I am thanking God for all his works in our lives. Both the staff and students are doing great. I do hope you are doing great in all that you do, mostly for those things entrusted in your hands to provoke growth of the church here on earth.

The lady was added into the body of Christ in Wotutu, as you can see David performing baptism to her. She is our sister whose husband was a leader in the full gospel church and was converted last month after attending the belief therapy workshop. Keep them in your prayers so that they continue to walk in newness of life. Beside the river, David told this lady, Mary, “this is some water, what hinders you from being baptized?”

This week was also very interesting in our campus and our community. The normal activities in CBIW went on well ranging from morning devotions, chapel, evening devotions, visiting and Bible studies in different congregations by our visiting minister, David Ballard.

David Ballard, before leaving Cameroon to teach two short courses made an appeal to me that he will love to invest much time in school teaching but will also love to move around the villages to preach and teach and by doing so, meeting the brethren. His 18 days stay with me in my house, he visited 13 congregations where he was given opportunity to teach. His visit was so encouraging every where we passed. 

As I write this mail to you, David is in the sky on his way back to the USA. Our prayers are that he arrives safe and sound as he left us safe and sound.

On the left is my house where brother David stayed for 18 days. You can see him watering the seeds there as we wait for God to give the increase. He was so active with reaching out in the word as he had any opportunity. Our motto suited him, EVANGELISM IS OUR MISSION AND OUR MISSION IS EVANGELISM.

This picture shows David in the pulpit in Wotutu, this morning preaching on the topic “keep the faith.” The preaching was a balance diet for our people who understood him so well this was just a cross section of our membership.

After the two short courses taught by David, The New Testament Church and the Godhead, the director of CBIW, David and the 21 students of CBIW posed for a family picture. The lecturer appreciated the CBIW students for their readiness to learn and zeal to preach the gospel.

Today was another great day in the life of the church in Wotutu, as two of our sisters who were pregnant gave birth to their new born babies without any problem and complication. So they brought their children to the worship assembly today to thank God and for the church to pray for the children. David led this prayer in our congregation today.

Today marked our congregation in this new building, five years existence. So, the Wotutu congregation decided to organize a fellowship meal to mark that event and also to commune with our brother in our special way, as he was dressed in our traditional regalia.

Whenever we get to this day of anniversary we are thankful to God for sister Margie and the husband for their sacrifice and love over us to erect the church facility for us which is also used today as the lecture hall to train these men to preach. God alone will bless them and give them long life.

I am so thankful to God for you who is standing by us in your prayers and physical support to see our vision to keep moving. My prayers to God for you is that you continue as the Lord open more ways in your heart to do more because there is nothing that you do for the Lord which is in vain (1 Cor. 15:58).

Please do your best to share this report with others. Maybe God can use them do something in our vision. Thank you very much for all that you do.

I sent the students today, after the intensive studying during the two short courses, to go for a mid term break of one week. We continue to pray from today for the one that will come over to CBIW in September for another two short courses.

Keep the faith and be strong in the Lord 

Elangwe and family
By His grace, Director of CBIW

Posted on July 4, 2011 .