Here Am I Send Me...

Greetings Fellow Workers:

What a joy it is to be a part of God’s family. Over the past three months we have hosted a number of faithful campaigners. They have come with helping hands and healing hearts. They have shown, in a most powerful way, what it means to love God, love his work, and love for the lost souls of the world. We say thank you to everyone who came and to everyone who made it possible for them to come and serve. 

We now “shift gears” and begin our work for the second half of this year, if the Lord wills. Some of our graduates are back and will be taking Master’s class for the next two weeks. Then our undergrads return for their classes.

The Andrew Connally School of Preaching, in cooperation and with the support of the Bear Valley team; continues to bless the souls of East Africa in a grand way. With our November 2011 graduating class, we will have trained and sent out over 90 Gospel preachers. These men continue in the work of the Lord, seeking and saving the lost in ways we as “visiting Americans” could never do in ten life times. Let me illustrate:

A great need arose when our brother Paschal died at the young age of 30. Paschal in his short two year Christian life had a tremendous impact on the Lord’s Church here in TZ in the planting of four congregations through the conversion of more than 200 souls. There have been any number of situations much like this one where there was a great need for a trained evangelist.

Yusuph Madaki having just graduated stepped up and said; “here I am, send me”, and that we did. Let me quote but a small portion of his latest report to show the good God is doing through this man of God:

In the last three months 18 souls have been added to the Church. Our Saturday Bible training class now has 25 students. The Kazibizyo congregation is struggling due to not having a building, as is the Ibambula congregation.

The Mtinga congregation is having a hard time due to false teachers in other churches. We plan to plant two new congregations one at Kahma town, I have a big class with one man and his family, he is a business man. Also, one at Katoro, the problem here is a place to worship. “I know the difficult work facing me now is because of many congregations but I am obligated to open many more congregations because many people need the Gospel and they cry as the people of Macedonia.”

I continue to give thanks to my supporters for the wonderful work of supporting my family. God bless all in this good work. Lastly I urge every Christian who will read this report to have much prayer for the work of Ushirombo and my family in order to accomplish this work.

There are currently two brother in the ACSOP, one to graduate in November of this year and the other next year. They will be a great help, but more are needed for sure. A special thank you to everyone who supports the students, ACSOP, and some of our graduates. You are making a difference in the lives of countless thousands. To God be the glory, great things He continues to do though His faithful.

In Him, Cy, Stephanie & Granny

Posted on July 31, 2011 .