Handcuffs, Tears And Joy...

We returned to the Chimala Bible Institute, after time in the states raising funds, to greet the students for the beginning of the Fall quarter. The two day trip seems routine now and we were greeted with Manard, one of our instructors, at the airport. The eleven hour trip through the heart of Tanzania was shared with Kara Wells of the Horton Chapel Church of Christ in Kentucky. She is visiting the mission to see about future work in the education program. She is also a photographer documenting life on the mission for us.

The first day at chapel was spent hearing student reports of what they had done during the summer break. Where Blessings preaches 15 were baptized, and Navie had 6 baptisms. Lyton reported that there were 15 restorations as well as Bright who explained at the congregation he worked that “many” were restored. Israel noted he spent his time “encouraging the brethren” and they had 1 baptism. 

William said he “preached house to house” in his village and worked with the “backslidden” who were restored. Atupakessee reported they had chosen elders at his congregation, and we all rejoiced because many congregations do not have elders. Brother, mission administrator and elder, has been teaching many lessons on our need for these elders.

Other students reported “working with youth,” “going to the prisons” and “teaching the men to prepare sermons.” In their summer work, all of the dedicated students remind us of the great work that is taking place to train faithful servants of the Lord in Tanzania and Malawi. Our students need your continued support, for the sacrifices they make to become faithful teachers and preachers are numerous. When Felix was leaving the Tanzania, Malawian border, he was taken off in handcuffs and tears by the border guards. This was before the other students could collect money to give the guard in order to free their fellow student. He was retained because he was traveling to study the Bible at CBI. These brave men still come, and we could have many more if we get the support. For 100 dollars a month, we can support a student here at CBI.

On a personal note, one of the Malawian’s students brought me a flag from his country today. I proudly put it on my desk with the Tanzanian flag I have. These flags remind me every day how blessed I am to be here at Chimala as an instructor and assistant coordinator for Bear Valley Bible Institute and the director of the school. Please remember us in your prayers as we work hard in training these dedicated and deserving students.

Garry L. Hill,
Director: Chimala Bible Institute

Posted on July 31, 2011 .