Progress And Development in Uganda...

The following two reports in this section cover the past two weeks. Brother Wechesa’s reports are encouraging concerning the work of the Uganda School of Evangelism and development of the congregations near Busia, Uganda.

June 27th report:

Dear brethren,

The week ended well on Saturday. On Sunday I worshiped at Bukalikha/Buhatuba Church of Christ. We arrived there when they were waiting for us. They grass roof  had a very big hole in it. They were very sorry about what happened when brother Donnie visited them as the rotten grass with maggots fell on him. We are very sorry. Those are the things we go through here in Africa. We have helped them with 50,000/= for some new grass and someone put it on. They are very much preparing the clay for the bricks. Next week they will be through with the clay. As they don't have someone who knows how make bricks. I will pay someone to the job for they will be only taking care of the unbaked bricks until they will be ready for the burning. 

Uganda School of Evangelism started today, 27th June, with a class in each. I hope that by tomorrow they will be all in Class. This quarter we are going to have five instructors for both English and Kiswahili classes. Brother Manyuru, Christopher, Omutele, and Morris will teach in both Kiswahili and English. brother Elias Omollo will be teaching two subjects in English class. The subjects to be taught this quarter are: Marriage and Family, Church growth, the book of John, Ezekiel, Daniel and Minor prophets from Micah to Malachi. Margaret has prepared Mandazi for the students for this week. The students like them very much. Our turkey has started laying eggs. The funny thing with turkeys is that they don't want to be seen when they lay their eggs. So what Paul does, he opens the gate and lets it go where it can hide. The guineafowl is also laying eggs. 

Next week Paul will be teaching our students about drip irrigation and why we need to dig trenches before we plant our vegetables. The stable for our cattle fell down due to termites. We plan to erect a new one with bricks and iron sheets. We plan also to make a new house for the goats and pigs with bricks. The 46 iron sheets for all these structures will cost us 1,104,000/= $$480 dollars. We would need five thousand bricks at 100/= per brick totaling to Ugx 500,000/=  $210. We would need about 15 bags of cement at 28,000/= per bag that 450,000/= $180 dollars. Timber the will cost 430,000/= Labour for the whole work will cost Ugx 745,200/= $315 dollars. Brethren if there is any way to help with this we would appreciate it. We need our animal place to look nice and also not to be eaten by termites. The grandmother of our instructor, brother Samson Omutele, passed away on Saturday. The burial will take place on Thursday this week. Pray for that family.

July 4th report

Dear brethren,

We thank the Lord very much for the blessings He is giving to us here in Uganda. The weather is fairly warm here in Busia Uganda. All students of Uganda School of Evangelism are now back  except two who went to Congo for registration. Today, 3rd July, we worshiped in Buwere church of Christ 10 kilometers from Busia town. With a warm weather the worship was good under the shades of the trees in their garden. They are still appealing for help with 40 iron sheets and some bags of cement. 

30th June we went for a burial of Samson Omutele's grandmother in Western part of Kenya. Omutele is going to be one of our instructors this quarter at the school. We went together with brother Elias Omolo a preacher of Lieta Church of Christ in South Nyanza province of Kenya. Elias is a graduate of Andrew Connally School of Preaching in Arusha Tanzania. He has also completed the advanced course in the same school. Akili Mali from Uvira Congo is still in Congo. He went for registration as a Congolee. Brother Munganga from Thako North Kivu also went but came back yesterday. We borrowed $250 dollars for their transport. If there a way these funds can be raised, we would appreciate. The plan for the school is to pay for them once in a year, but this was an emergency as the registration was to end on 30th June 2011. May the Lord bless you all as you serve Him. 

Francis and Margaret Wechesa

Posted on July 3, 2011 .