Building Registration, Baptisms And Prospective Students...

Dear brothers, churches and families.

I want to share with you some information and the latest news about the life of the church and institute in Ukraine.

The biggest news, to my mind, is the process of changing the registration of the building where the Bible Institute is situated at the moment. The ownership will go from English Language University to the Central Church of Christ. In order to clarify this situation, I will have to briefly explain everything from the very beginning. About 15 years ago, brothers from the USA bought the building. They didn’t register it on the religious organization, but the owner was registered as non-government organization (University of English Language). In 2007, Bear Valley Bible Institute in Ukraine moved from Kramatorsk to Gorlovka, and we started using that building. Yet the building still was owned by non-government organization, University of English Language. Since this organization is registered as non-government, the fees for the utilities are very high, and we are not applicable to benefits that a church can have. The benefits allow paying a lot less for electricity, water and land. Why do we want to register the building on the church and not on the Institute? By Ukrainian laws these benefits are applicable only to churches. Other religious organizations (like institutes, colleges and schools) can’t make use of these benefits. We want the church to be the owner of this building, and only a few members of the church could make legal decisions about the building. Among these people will be several Americans, including some elders and teachers of Bear Valley, and several Ukrainians (Ukrainian teachers in BVBIU).

Right now we are in the middle of the process. Some of the paperwork is done, and some papers we’ll receive in July. If we are able to finish the process, we will receive great results. First, this building will be under the control of elders and teacher of Bear Valley. Second, we will have lower fees on utilities.

We are also getting ready to the upcoming school year. At the beginning of the month, Oksana has put the library in order. We have ordered filing cabinet for the office and started painting the windows on the outside.

Our family participated in two VBSs this month, both in Gorlovka and in Kramatorsk. There were many kids who learned more about God. During VBS in Kramatorsk, there were 7 baptisms. But the statistics show that not many of them continue in coming to church, so please pray for them.

At the moment, 9 potential students have called me who want to start studying in our school in September. 3 of them are from Gorlovka, 4 from Kramatorsk, 1 from Slavyansk, 1 from Konstantinovka. Please pray for them.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please write to me. Thank you for your support and constant prayers. God bless your work for His cause.  

Your brother,

Posted on July 3, 2011 .