Challenges in Cambodia...

Greeting in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ from Siem Reap, Cambodia.

I am very honored to report to you all with some information concerning the work in Siem Reap.

We are now in a challenge with a denomination at Takam village, as the church there and a denomination there don't have a registration yet, so we have to have a registration before them to cover the work and the church there. Now we got a form to run that registration already but we need to prove by the head of commune, head of district, department of cults and religions office, and come to department of cults and religions, then come to the head of province and the last one we have to go to the ministry of cults and religions in Phom Penh.

In running the register we have to spend some money to them, so we ask you to pray for us as we will need the register as soon as possible for the church at Takam, before a denomination have it. 

We also planned for our VBS 2011 that will take place on Friday and Saturday next week 29-30 July 2011 and our Theme is JESUS LOVES CHILDREN, Mat. 19:13-16.

As now we have a vacation for our school, our students went out to visit their friends and families, and they will be back for their two year program. Things are doing alright.

I will report you more about our VBS next week. Thanks for your support for the work in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

God bless you all with strength and soul

In the love of Christ

Posted on July 25, 2011 .