Can We Ride The Cannibals?

Dear Co-laborers, 

Our campaign in Kisongo has come to a close. Brian Horner preached to a full house (full of visitors, new converts and regular members) on the subject of "Why We Believe in Jesus." After services, a man named Jakata was baptized. The Kisongo campaign (all organized and planned by the Tanzanian brethren) was a success due to many factors. Number one being "the people had a mind to work." Many (Tanzanians and Americans) were involved in door knocking, Bible studies, cooking, clean-up, setting up the tent, yard work, teaching, preaching. Some began early and stayed late. One dedicated woman worked continuously although she was "on vacation" from her regular job. The Lord blessed our efforts with so many good contacts with whom we will continue to study.

Jimmy's nephew, Steven, will be glad to hear that the work he did while here is STILL producing results. Hendrick (new Christian) has been encouraging Alexander, with whom Steven studied but has not yet converted. Alexander, his wife and little girl Rosie, attended our services today and have requested more study!

It was thrilling to see our new Christians (Jane, Jessica and Dorisi) plus two visitors in the ladies Bible class. One visitor was there as a direct result of the campaign workers. Our text, Genesis 14, where Abraham rescues Lot from captivity, was a perfect opportunity to make the analogy of how we should rescue those in spiritual captivity and should put forth the time, effort and expense (as Abraham did) to help our Christian brothers and sisters to remain faithful. Please pray that the church at Kisongo will take the time to visit, encourage and strengthen these new brethren so none will "fall through the cracks."

Remember Joyce (Janet's sister) who said her father didn't want her to be baptized because her baby was so young? After several more studies by different people, she obeyed the gospel! Of course, you know Lembris because his name is usually in the report every week. Another brother was baptized this past week!

Tom Watkins and Terry Wall have returned to Longido this weekend (after working with and preaching in the Kisongo campaign). Those from the Zachary, LA congregation should get ready to hear about all their adventures. If you need some excitement, a sense of fulfillment, purpose and satisfaction, then come to Tanzania to teach the Gospel. There's rarely a dull moment and your days will pass faster than a "weaver's shuttle."

"Can we ride the cannibals?" Elijah asked Jimmy this as they were leaving to go to Snake Park. Elijah is always good for a laugh...he meant the camels. Speaking of snakes, one was killed (15 feet from Trina’s chair) shortly before services began the first night of the meeting.

Tanzania is still plagued with water and electricity problems (probably due to the lack of rain but also, according to the Tanzanians, due to government corruption). We went 3 days last week without enough water to wash clothes (just had enough to drink, wash dishes, take sponge baths and occasionally flush toilets). We are low again but the water truck cannot come again until tomorrow (and we're not holding our breath that they will arrive then). We are only able to write this report because our generator is on (and it's having problems from being on so much!)

Non-Christian Agatha (been mentioned many times) gave birth to a beautiful baby girl (Catherine) last week. The Oklahoma group left brand-new baby clothes and I delivered some to Agatha. She was very thankful and, since it is a tradition that new mothers here stay confined to their house (and bed) for months, this will provide the perfect opportunity for us to continue our study!

Our appreciation is extended to you for your kindness and support of us and this work. We also extend our thanks to all that Brian Horner, Jessica Smith, Austin Horne, Tom Watkins and Terry Wall have done while they have been here. They all leave this week (Monday and Thursday). Please pray for their safe travel back home. My friend Helen is not improving on her "herbal medicine," is still weak and in pain due to her cancer. Trina hopes to visit her this week (two of her children were in services today). Have a blessed week! 

In Christian Love,
Jimmy, Trina, Lindsey, Abigail, Heather, Candace, Stuart, David, Naomi, Elijah and Matthew Gee

Posted on July 24, 2011 .