Developments in Uganda...

Dear brethren,

It was a good Sunday. I worshiped with the Bukalikha church of Christ. The worship was good. I was given a chance to teach during the class time. I taught them the book of Joshua chapter one. They have started clearing the area where they are going to start making raw bricks. My wife, Margaret, has lost her cousin back in Kenya. She left this afternoon for a funeral, they will be  burying tomorrow. 

Brother Samson Omutele has gone to Nairobi for his final arrangements for the fund raising for the school fees of his son. The total funds targeted at is $2,000 dollars for the first year. He has invited me to be the guest of honor during the occasion. As a guest of honor, I need to go with a deep pocket so that others should follow. The fund raising will be held on 3rd September 2011.  

We need your prayers. Emma Mawa, the husband of my daughter, worshiped at Namungodi church of Christ. He was their preacher today. Ema joined Uganda School of Evangelism this year and he is doing fine although he came when we had finished teaching Homiletics. As a degree holder he can learn on his own many things which was taught before he joined the school. May the Lord bless you as you serve Him.

Francis Wechesa

Posted on July 17, 2011 .